Rakshadhikary Baiju(Oppu) review-Feel good entertainer

Rakshadhikary Baiju (Oppu)review-Feel good entertainer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 23 April 2017

Movie Title

Rakshadhikary Baiju(Oppu) review-Feel good entertainer


Ranjan Pramod

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Hannah Reji Koshy

If your evenings and holidays as a youth were spent mostly in the nearby playgrounds, Ranjan Pramod’s Rakshadhikary Baiju (Oppu) could take you on a nice nostalgic trip.

Here, a forty plus government employee named Baiju Kumbalam (Biju Menon) is the captain of a local club, Kumbalam Brothers. They play cricket and most of his teammates are youngsters almost half his age. But he loves fooling around with his friends and getting involved in their issues.

Quite obviously, Baiju’s wife and parents are not too happy with his laid back attitude. He is a sincere guy though, in fact with a heart of gold, and finding happiness in what he does.

The story tracks Baiju’s life and it also talks about his friends. It develops through various incidents and there is no big drama or a plot with twists and turns that take the story ahead. This could be the strength of the film, and of course the weakness.

The first half of the film is eminently enjoyable but when the story goes along without a definite direction for more than 160 minutes, it becomes a bumpy ride, especially in the second half. There are certain sequences which have no real relevance to the main story line and one gets the feeling that this one could have been in a different league if it was some twenty minutes or so less in its duration.

Of course, the pluses are far more than its minuses. This one is honest and would be quite a treat for those who love to relive their childhood memories. The characters look strikingly real and they speak like most of us. Bijibal’s music adds to the effect in a great way.

The performances of the cast need an applause. Biju Menon becomes the anchor here, with a terrific performance. He gets into the skin of the character with total dedication and is totally convincing. Hannah Reji Koshy is impressive as his wife.

Aju Varghese, Deepak Parambol, Dileesh Pothen and Hareesh Perumanna are good. The young artiste who plays Aju Varghese’s pair is excellent.

Rakshadhikary Baiju (Oppu)
may not be a perfect film, but there are so many good moments in it and more importantly, has its heart at the right place. It could have been better with some good trimming, but even in the current form, this one is sincere and enjoyable.

Verdict: Feel good entertainer

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