Rakshasudu review: A fairly captivating serial-killer thriller

Rakshasudu is the remake of a Tamil hit thriller named Ratsasan

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 August 2019

Movie Title

Rakshasudu review: A fairly captivating serial-killer thriller


Ramesh Varma Penmetsa

Star Cast

Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Anupama Parameswaran, Saravanan, Rajeev Kanakala, Ravi, Kasi Vishwanath, Baby Dua, Kaushik Vinodini, Surya Kumar Bhagvandas, Suzane George, Vinod Sagar

Arun (Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas) wanted to be a filmmaker but he becomes a police officer. In Hyderabad city, a series of murders happen and he suspects that a serial killer is on the loose. He uses out-of-the-box ideas in investigating this case but he always stumbles on roadblocks in catching the serial killer. A personal loss further determines him to hunt for the killer. How he does and who that killer forms the rest of the drama.

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Rakshasudu, remake of a 2018 Tamil hit thriller named Ratsasan begins like a movie shoot. The protagonist is introduced as a wannabe filmmaker. Then the movie suddenly shifts the tone, slowly unravels as a serial killer thriller, drawing us into the story with the protagonist's clever technique of investigation. I have not seen the original Tamil film but a quick google search gives the impression that Rakshasudu has almost followed the structure, setting and narration of the original Tamil movie. Rakshasudu has many thrilling moments. Many suspenseful scenes are presented with taut narration. The film is about a serial killer who is on a murder spree. His victims are school girls. The narration focuses on the investigation of the protagonist.

If you have seen Korean thrillers (the Korean makers have mastered the art of making serial killer movies), the narration of the film is similar to that setup which is taut and riveting. This is where the film has scored immensely. However, the film loses the track after such an interesting setup post-interval with family and melodramatic moments. Thankfully, it comes back in the groove before the penultimate sequence and ends with an interesting climax. The penultimate sequences are highly satisfying.

Despite some flaws and uneven tempo post-interval, the movie is engaging enough.

Coming to performances, this thriller definitely presents Bellamkonda Srinivas, who has been struggling to impress the audiences, in a different light. He has played the role of a cop who is obsessed with the serial killer and the investigation of murders. Anupama Parameshwaran in a brief role does justice. Rajeev Kanakala is perfect.

The thriller has terrific technical values especially the background score by Ghibran. He is the real hero of the movie. Cinematography shot is equally good.

Director Ramesh Varma has done a neat job in this remake.

Rakshasudu is a fairly captivating serial-killer thriller with some edge of the seat moments. Aided by Ghibran's music and sound design, the film provides enough thrills. It makes an interesting watch.

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