Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 13 May 2010

Movie Title

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna



Star Cast

Arjun, Ram, Priya Anand, Bindu Madhavi, Nazer, Brahmanandam

After the blockbuster movie Lakshyam, which happens to be the most widely telecast film in the TVs and several local cable channels all over the state, its director Sri Vas brought out Rama Rama Krishna Krishna, ?after a two-year-long? mind raking story sittings and versions.

Producer Dil Raju and Sri Vas repeatedly said that the film was the product of a two-year-long struggle.? Whether the audience found the efforts on the screen, performance and the entertainment factors? Let us see.

Ramakrishna (Ram) is a bold youth who believes in revolutionary ideas, but at the same time he is cowed down by the diktats of his father (Nasser), because of all the respect for him. A simple domestic problem takes on the dimension of storm, which finally lands him on the line of clash with a Mumbai-based baddie Pawar (Vineeth Kumar).

Giving a twist to the story, the hero happens to find out the link between one Ashok Deva (Arjun), a somber-looking stranger, who lives in the same village by the side of river Godavari, and the Mumbai?s underworld. The hero also finds out the reason why Ashok Deva turned into a recluse, living a low-profile, after shedding a ?Basha-like? past.

After a series of bumps into Ashok Deva?s past, Ramakrishna finds that he is in love with his sister Priya (Priya Anand). But at the same time, his is intensely loved by his niece (Bindu Madhavi). Caught between love and adventure with mafia goons, Ramakrishna must justify both the spheres. How? It forms the crux of the movie.

Action King Arjun brought a dignified look to his character. His serious performance and intense acting prowess would get him kudos from the audiences.

Ram has matured in his performance compared to his previous flicks. With his energetic dances and stunts, he steals the show, but at the same time, he lacked the tempo and spontaneity in most scenes which demanded high emotion.

New comer Priya performed well and could entice the youthful audiences with her liveliness and tempting show in the songs, despite looking lean. Bindu Madhavi who gets negligible footage in the movie is wasted and gives a feeling that her characterization is limited to do skirmishes with her beloved Bava.

The main villain Vineeth Kumar deserves full marks to his job. Nasser played the routine father role. Brahmanandam?s role is wasted and though there were ample chances to bring the comedy to play, it did not happen, making him a show piece. All other characters did their jobs in the parameters of the script.

The story lacked novelty. As the story advances, the audience would mark the air of expectation, despite the best efforts of the director to throw some element of suspense on them. A seasoned audience would find that RRKK?s script is an amalgamation of many a script, of the oldies and mid 80s. The screenplay runs smooth in the first half, but all of a sudden the reel gets struck with boredom in the second half and it continues close to the climax.

The songs and music failed to evoke the much required thud in the theatres. Comedy is sidelined, which comes as a major drawback. Cinematography is not impressive. The action sequences hold some punch, but sometimes turned ridiculous with poorly handled graphics.

Verdict: Disappointing

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