Ranam review: An endearing show from Prithviraj

Ranam is narrated as a flashback by the hero, who is lying fatally wounded, but is not dead yet

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 07 September 2018

Movie Title

Ranam review: An endearing show from Prithviraj


Nirmal Sahadev

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Isha Talwar

By Moviebuzz

Director Nirmal Sahadev’s Ranam is set in Detroit, in the US state of Michigan, which the hero tells us,had a glorious past but has now lost it all.

Aadhi (Prithviraj) is a Malayali, who works for a Tamilian gangster, Damodar Ratnam (Rahman). The story is narrated as a flashback by the hero, who is lying fatally wounded, but is not dead yet.

He gives you some idea about how Detroit, the city that is situated in the US-Canada border, lost its charm some decades back and makes some curious comparisons to the plight of some of the upper caste households losing their might in Kerala.

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Now, what kind of an analogy is that, did you ask? Perhaps that is one way of telling the viewer not to take things too seriously here.

You get a feel of the beauty of the United States through the aerial shots. The characters are mainly Malayalis and the stunts doesn’t look convincing at all. Bags of dollars are exchanged in between, but the characters are all living in modest surroundings.

Aadhi wants to make some money and get out of the criminal world but he can’t as some unprecedented turnarounds happen. The narration goes on and on and you know where it is all heading to.

Actually, the director has left it all to the shoulders of the hero to take the movie ahead. And that Prithviraj does it with so much dedication. He looks handsome and though he maintains a single expression all along, it is his performance that keeps the viewer engaged. Among the rest of the cast, Isha Talwar and Nandu are impressive.

At around 140 minutes, Ranam feels a bit too long. Still what works for the film is an endearing show from Prithviraj.

Ranam review- Verdict: Watchable

Reactions from Social Media:
Vivek Ranjit @vivekranjit

Loved #Ranam. A solid, engaging thriller with a brilliant immersive soundscape and breathtaking visual setting. Fantastic debut by Nirmal Sahadev. @PrithviOfficial is kickass, along with a superb Rahman, Ashwin Kumar, Nandu Chettan and a new actor playing the cop.

Navaneethpisharodi @Navaneeth264
#Ranam Was A Different Experience Liked it.Its Not A Complete Action Thriller, Felt Like An Emotional Drama. All Did Well Stylish Making Excellent Debut By Director Nirmal Sahadev. Just Go For It. Don't Expect More. A Simple Film 3/5

Th@l@p@thy sarkar‏ @Kiran1834959643
Second half starts slowly with high on emotions and then came into track..climax portions between rahman and prithvi was good..ok climax
Good debut for nirmal
Isha talwar role is good
Verdict. A good watchable movie but couldn't live upto expectations..

Sid @ssaig
People praising #Ranam is a clear example of how spoiled the industry is. I appreciate the attempt but this is mediocre even when compared to shortfilms. 0 engagement. 0 story. 0 character development.

Gani @Ganirulz
Loved #Ranam. A very genuine attempt from debutant Nirmal Sahdev but does he successed ?. For me. YES.
Backed by a solid technical team. Esp Dop & Bgm were top notch.

Ramraj @ramraj1992
Eyes are a powerful tool to show what you feel. Only a few actors can emote via their eyes. @PrithviOfficial 's pair of eyes does the job. Also, can't get this song & video out of my head. The framing and color tone -
#Ranam #EyesOfSouth #PrithviRaj

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