Rani Padmini

Rani Padmini



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 26 October 2015

Movie Title

Rani Padmini


Aashiq Abu

Star Cast

Manju Warrier, Rima Kallingal

In director Aashiq Abu’s Rani Padmini,  two women are on a trip to some exotic place in North India, enjoying their freedom and the adventures that come in between.

Has it been inspired from Ridley Scott’s Thelma & Louise (1991)? Guess so, considering that the director had earlier rehashed the fantastic Sriram Raghavan’s Ek Hasina Thi into 22 Female Kottayam

But you genuinely wish that the filmmaker had indeed opted for some meaningful inspirations, as this visually rich movie, lack a credible storyline. With a confused script that meanders along without any skill, focus or seriousness. There are comic situations and stale jokes stuffed in, when it is least needed and as the end titles start rolling, you start wondering what was the director trying to say in this one!

Padmini (Manju Warrier) is a Malayali girl married to a Delhi based racing car driver, Giri (Jinu Joseph). Even though the couple is very much in love, Padmini is shocked when her mother-in-law asks her to sign a mutual divorce petition. She starts her journey to the venue of the Himalayan Car Rally, where her husband is a participant. 

She meets Rani (Rima Kallingal), an angry young woman, during the journey. She is fleeing from a dreaded gangster, as he calls himself, but is himself ailing and has only three dumb buffoons as his gang members! The don starts off as a terror, but turns out to be a joker soon after.

In fact, the main contribution in the film has been made by cinematographer Madhu Neelakantan and musician Bijibal. The frames are so magical that you will be tempted to pack your bags and go for a trip to Himachal Pradesh or Chandigarh, straightaway. But that can barely be a reason to spend your time watching this film and that too, for just above 140 minutes. 

The script by Shyam Pushkaran and Ravi Sankar is amateurish, to say the least. Aashiq Abu gives an impression that he is all set to narrate a spectacular story during the first half but tests your patience in the second half. 

What is the message that this one gives in the end? That your husband is your only hope in life, however ignored you are, in your married life? 

Manju Warrier has been trying to bring back the cuteness of her characters that she played 15 years or more ago, ever since she made her comeback. She succeeds in doing that at times, but isn’t she capable of doing something more? She tries really hard, but her chemistry with Jinu is far from impressive. He is really good though. 

Rima Kallingal suffers from a badly written role and her character doesn’t really know whether to be angry or cool. 

Dileesh Pothen and Soubin Shahir are good but they are barely used, while Sreenath Bhasi’s trekking team delays the narrative, without any real purpose.

Rani Padmini is magnificent outside but is sadly hollow within. The delicious frames gets boring after a while, like there is too much of a good thing, without a definite purpose.  You can watch this one for some delightful visuals, only if you want!

Verdict: Average

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