Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 05 June 2015

Movie Title



Nanda Kishore

Star Cast

Sudeep,Rachita Ram,Haripriya,Madhoo,Devaraj

'Ranna' had been delayed for quite some time and now that the movie has been released, it feels that the wait was worth it!! Tried and tested formula- A neat family entertainer is always a straight hit formula for a successful show and this is exactly what Ranna has to offer. Forced dialogues, needless stunt sequences, injected scenes are a big no in the film which makes it an elegant attempt by director Nandakishore who has certainly a hattrick winner through Ranna. 

A simple story with the right amount of entertainment combined with a stylish film making is narrated in a graceful way hypnotizes the audience. 
Bhargava (Sudeep), is the only inheritor to a multi-millionaire business tycoon in Zurich. Bhargava who sets on a mission to bond the broken relation of a father-daughter (his grandfather and his paternal aunt) comes to India and slowly uses his own ways to mend the relations and get his aunt talk to his grandfather. How Bhargava convinces his aunt and if he will be successful in his mission forms the crux of the story. 

Sudeep is a one man army and is the film's strength. Representing a character of various shades- arrogance, humour, emotion at a time is not an easy task and Sudeep does that effortlessly. Transition of the story track from comedy to seriousness to sentimental makes the viewer glued to the seat. Haripriya and Rachitha Ram who play the lead roles are good at their roles, while they have nothing much to deliver in the story. Actress Madhoo has chosen a perfect role-that of a strong woman for her comeback and we may not be surprised if Madhoo is seen in some more Kannada movies.

Prakash Rai, Devaraj, Sharath Lohitashwa, Avinash though have very few dialogues to deliver, they undoubtedly add on to the beauty of the whole aura. Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Tabala Nani, Mandya Ramesh are just too good at tickling the funny bones of the audience. The movie is an optical treat with some breath taking visuals by cinematographer Sudhakar S Raj. Harikrishna's music adds value to the script. Nandakishore treatment to the remake story deserves applause and the talented director has only elevated the expectation bar. The much awaited movie is worth the wait and is perfect for a family weekend. 

Verdict: Above average

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