Ratnam drops one more film!

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 03, 2004 05:06 hrs

A.M.Ratnam the top producer of Tamil cinema who opted out of Kana Kandein, cinematographer K.V.Anand’s directorial debut, has now dumped Bala's film with Ajit.

The rumour making the rounds is that Ratnam has gone bust in spite of having produced two blockbusters Ghillli and 7-G Rainbow Colony. However sources close to the producer says that it was purely a ‘business decision’ as he has decided not to have too many commitments and go slow with one project in hand.

Ratnam wants to concentrate on Bangaram to be directed by Dharani in Telugu with Pawan Kalyan. He will also be producing a film to be directed by his elder son Jyothi Krishna with second son Ravi Krishna in the lead.

Ratnam also feels that this Bala directed Ajit starrer would cost Rs 12 Crore upwards and marketing it would be an uphill task. There are also rumours that Ratnam’s ‘comfort level’ with Ajit is pretty low as his loyalties were always with Vijay and Vikram who have promised dates to Ratnam next year.

So now Bala is on the look-out for a solid producer to fund his Ajit project.