Ravi in a fix!

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 17, 2006 05:21 hrs

The failure of Idaya Thirudan is a tremendous setback for Jayam Ravi. The film is turning out to be his biggest flop as it failed even to get an opening!

Everybody in the trade likes Ravi as is a cool guy but they say that Idaya Thirudan is a bigger flop than his last Mazhai. In Chennai city, the collections were so pathetic that theatres are refusing to give figures. Added to that in other parts of Tamilnadu too, the film has failed to collect.

However the trade blames that the film for its excessive glamour and carried an ‘A’ certificate. Added to that the lip-to-lip kissing was not accepted by the conservative Tamil audience and ladies and family audience stayed away. Remember that Jayam Ravi’s biggest strength is the family audience.

But now Ravi is pinning all hope on Something Something directed by his brother M.Raja to get back his lost image.