Ready for brain mapping, narco analysis or lie detection: Dileep

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 26, 2017 12:03 hrs

As startling revelations are coming one after the other in the actress’ kidnapping case, Dileep has written a Facebook post where he says he is ready for brain mapping, narco analysis or lie detection to prove his innocence.

Dileep begins by thanking Salim Kumar and Aju Varghese for their support.

“I have only wanted good things to happen to all. But there is an effort to shatter my image, initiated by some online media sites and social networking groups. The purpose of the evening debates in the various news channels is also aimed at maligning my reputation. I have only one thing to say to those who are wanting my blood. I am ready for any test. Not to involve anyone in the case, but to prove my innocence,” says Dileep.