Rebel review: Avoidable!



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Movie Title



S V Rajendra singh Babu

Star Cast

Aditya singh, Sanjjanaa, Suhasini, Sharath Lohitashwa

Some technicians do not get updated with the technology and one such team has worked for Rebel! 

Aditya Singh starrer Rebel has hit the theatres today and by watching the movie one can certainly say that this movie neither lives up the expectations nor change Aditya's fate at box office! 

S V Rajendra Singh Babu is a brand name in the industry! The very name takes one to the Muttina Haara days! How can one forget the story of a soldier, who struggles till the last breath! 

Rebel too is the story of a soldier; Major Karthik (Aditya singh) is a sincere and an honest man. After he loses his team in an attack due to faulty jackets and helmets, he denies taking up duty further and hence will be labelled guilty by the court martial. On the other hand his mother (Suhasini) works in Defence Ministry and is loggerheads with Defence Minister Rana (Sharath Lohitashwa), who is corrupt and dishonest.

Karthik now has to serve two years in jail and he escapes without much difficulty (as he is the hero of the film!). He runs to Singapore where the rest of the story unveils. 
And the makers, just to represent ‘Singapore’ have shown the Merlion Park fountain statue too many times, which is extremely irritating! Just by editing this particular shot, the duration of the film could have been reduced by at least two minutes! 

Music, cinematography, script work, acting, they are just as bad as the plot of the movie itself! There is not even a single element that can attract audience to watch this film! Jessie Gift is 'lost' these days and there is a dire in need for the composer to bounce back! Lead actress Sanjjanaa has nothing to do except dressing up well and dancing to the songs! She looks good on screen though!

Definitely an unexpected movie from S V Rajendra Singh Babu! The director, who has given major break to many actors, has failed to re-launch his son in Sandalwood.
The movie is not worth watching even once, can be added to the 'skip list'.

Verdict: Avoid

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