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Friday 24 November 2006

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Madhavan, Vadivelu, Reema Sen, Anushka

Rendu is great fun in case you are looking for some goofball masala comedy. It is an out and out Maddy film as he comes in a dual role for the first time. He is a treat for your eyes with his whirlwind energy, larkish antics and perfect comedy timing with Vadivelu. Writer-Director Sundar.C keeps you engrossed with this far-out fantasy.

Sakthi (Madhavan) comes to the city in search of a job and stays with his uncle Kirikalam (Vadivelu) who runs a magic show in an exhibition ground in Chennai. Sakthi meets Velli (Reema Sen) who runs a mermaid stall next to theirs and it is love at first sight for him. Simultaneously the director deviate your attention to a series of murders that happens in Tirunelvali, Trichi and Madurai where the killer leaves the date and time of the next murder that he is going to commit! This leaves CBI officer (K.Bhagyaraj) in confusion and soon the trail leads him to Chennai and Sakthi.

It turns out that the killer Kannan (Madhavan), a look-alike of Sakthi has a story to say. His entire family and lover (Anushka) were wiped out by the machinations of a group of people who wanted to usurp the local temple property to build a factory. The villains in a mad spree kill 150 people in a large household and set the house on fire. Now Kannan who had a miraculous escape is blind and wants to take revenge on them.

Inevitably, Rendu is a ceaseless clash between the virtuous and the vicious. The patchy storyline is borrowed from two Dileep films from Malayalam Chess in the first half and Kalyana Raman in the flashback episode some inspiration from Bone Collector. This masala mix has been packaged with right dose of comedy, glamour and violence. The two girls- Reema and Anushka have outdone each other in the glamour department especially in songs. Reema is adequate while a tall Anushka, the new find is promising.

It is the charisma of Madhavan that makes the film watchable. He looks good and proves his mettle for comedy and with Vadivelu the combo runs riot. D.Imman?s songs for a change are peppy and hummable. The songsNeeyen Thozhiya? is melodious while Mobila Mobila.. is for the masses. On the whole, Rendu is corny but unpretentious and adequate time pass for an unfussy viewer.

Verdict: Time Pass

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