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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 05 December 2009

Movie Title



R Paneer Selvam

Star Cast

Johnny, Nishanth, Theepeti Ganesan, Tamizh, Sandeep

Debutant director Panneerselvam?s Renigunta follows the new masala formula for success in Tamil cinema.

The story begins in Madurai and travels to Renigunta, a suburb of Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh. It is all about friendship, male bonding, one of the friends doing the comedian role, full of inhuman cops and petty politicians, contract killers unfulfilled love, song in narrow by lanes, item song by the roadside, all?s well friendship song and final bloody climax ending in a railway station.

It?s mystery how the film got through the Revising committee with bare minimum cuts. The film has some violence conducted by teenagers and shows vividly how to kill in a gruesome manner. The item song is crude and suggestive. Somewhere down the line, the director seems to be more interested in pedaling violence and turning voyeuristic for the sake of box-office.

Sakthi (Johnny) lives in Devakottai and is the only son of middle class parents. His father is a PWD clerk and mother is a serial addict. His parents want him to be an engineer but the 19 year old boy loves football and neglects his studies. One day a local politician and goon kills his parents in the market area, as his father was to be the main witness in a murder case involving the thug.

Sakthi decides to take revenge but due to his middle class upbringing falters and is caught by the goon and with the connivance of police is sent to Madurai juvenile jail, where he is brutally beaten up by the cops. Taking pity on him Pandi (Nishant), Dabba (Theepetti Ganesan) , Mari (Tamizh) and Micael (Sandeep) who are in their late teens all cold blooded murderers befriend him.

They escape from the jail and board a train to Mumbai without any tickets. They are caught by the TTE and forced to get down at Renigunta. An old contact Bangaru now working for a faction leader, makes them hired killers. A deaf and dumb girl (Sanusha) whose sister is a commercial sex worker takes a liking for Johnny. The friends realize what love and affection is from the girl. But it is too late as nemesis catches up with them.

The film is how young men are forced to turn into a life of violence and crime due to their circumstances. The director wants us to believe it is because of their environment and he looks into the minds of the young killers whose dreams die first. Panneerselvam has etched his wafer thin story line from various ?Made in Madurai? films like Subramaniapuram, Nadodigal and large helpings from City of God, laced with violence, grim setting and redemption at the end. Well it?s an entertainment package that seems to be selling with today?s audiences.

The music of Ganesh Raghavendra is ok, though it has been picturised in the Sasikumar style and settings. All the newcomers are impressive, the characterization of the comic Dabba is the pick of the lot, and Johnny has not been given much dialogue while Sanusha makes a decent debut as heroine.The camera of Sakthi is good

On the whole the film drags big time post interval and is too long at 2 hours, 35 minutes. The songs act as speed breakers and some scenes are repeated, especially the gory killings. The film is dark and disturbing.

Verdict- Average.

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