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Saturday 24 April 2010

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Bharathirajaa, K Balachander, Aari, Anjali, Srinivasan, Manobala

Two of the finest filmmakers in Tamil cinema K Balachandar and Bharathiraja coming together as actors in director Shankar produced , Thamira directed Rettachuzhi had raked in a lot of expectations. It is a casting coup of sorts, but the film as a whole falls short of the finishing line.

The trouble is that the basic storyline is facile, na?ve and simplistic, virtually bordering on the juvenile. It looks like KB and Bharathiraja have made special appearance in a film where the principal characters are 22 children and the romantic leads.

Thamira narration is more like a children?s serial and at times scenes and happenings remind you of Pasanga.To give it a comedy twist, children blurt out dialogues from popular Tamil films, and one of the kids is named Kushboo, as like the famous actress she has a foot in the mouth syndrome!

The story is set in a village near Tirunelveli. Ramasamy (K Balachandar) a feudal landlord and a congress sympathizer is at loggerheads with Singaravelan (Bharathiraja), a communist. It is a 40 year old feud between the two who are daggers drawn. Their grandchildren and young relatives are initially in two camps. But childhood love between Murthy (new boy Aari) an army man and Susheela (Anjali) a school teacher who are in opposite camps unite the children to take up their cause to bring both the warring family heads together, so that the couple can get married

The lead pair Anjali and Aari lacks charisma and is not convincing as lovers. The nearly two dozen children at times get on your nerve and are too smart. They seem to have nothing else to do other than getting lovers to the marriage hall. Karnas as a cop who has a soft corner for the heroine makes you laugh. The climax is predictable as stone hearted lead characters melt leading to a happy ending.

Rettachuzhi is un-involving as the director is clueless and most of the time is totally confused on what he wants to say. The only silver lining is Karthik Raja?s music which is soothing but picturisation leaves you cold. Just don?t understand what the two legends referred to as ?Imayam? and ?Sigaram? in the title card found in this mundane, non-happening script which lacks originality.

Verdict- Big Bore

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