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Saturday 20 June 2015

Movie Title

Review: Eli


Yuvaraj Dayalan

Star Cast

Vadivelu, Sadha, Pradeep Rawat, Adithya, Mahanadhi Shankar

Vadivelu, the one-time successful comedian is trying his luck once again to play the hero. His Eli is an unmitigated disaster and is probably the worst movie he has ever done as a hero.

The film is set in the 1960s. It begins with a radio interview, where we are informed that during late 60's cigarette was banned in India. In order to capture the powerful cigarette smuggler Nagaraj (Pradeep Rawat), Chennai police commissioner sends the small time thief Elisamy(Vaidvelu) as a rat and he befriends with Kappal (Mahanadi Shankar),the right hand of Nagaraj.

The agreement between the commissioner and Elisamy is that if the latter finds enough evidence to arrest Nagaraj, he will get his dream cop job. What happens next is what this boring comedy is all about.

As you read the plot, this film is definitely having a good story-line and it would have worked well with an action hero. But having Vadievlu as a hero will only limit your options and the director too has diluted every possible serious scene with unwanted comic quotients which hardly tickle our funny bones.

It's very awkward to sit through a film which tries too hard to be funny and that's what has exactly happened in Eli. Vadivelu has continued his trademark mannerisms and body language in but the script lets him down and the audiences cannot even imagine him as a spy.

Though they have projected Vadivelu as a comic-spy a la Peter Sellers of The Pink Panther series, the writing is not witty enough to behold our interest and fails big time to entertain.

Pradeep Rawat who comes as the deadly smuggler is unintentionally funny and many times he irritates us with his loud acting and clichéd body language. Sadha looks cute but she doesn't have any big scope to score.

Technically, the film's production value is pathetic that the cinematography and art work gives a feel of watching a small budget movie.

Overall, a good comedian like Vadivelu is wasted in a poorly executed comic film which don't even bring a smile on our face.

Verdict: Avoidable

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