Review: Aakhari Decision is so bad, it?s good!

Review: Aakhari Decision is so bad, it?s good!

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 20 February 2010

Movie Title

Aakhari Decision


Deepak Bandhu

Star Cast

Amar Sidh, Sumona Chakravarti

We?ve had enough of these films. Every few months or so, a producer transfers his dream of becoming a hero on the unsuspecting audience. There was Shadow by blind producer-actor Naseer Khan, then World Cupp 2011 by producer-director-actor Ravi Kapoor and now this (among scores of others one can?t recollect).

Here, co-producer and actor Amar Sidhu plays Arjun, a hitman who roams around in sharp suits and salon-perfect hair. He kills people violently against the thumping background score. He then takes off his shirt for an item song where the camera lingers consistently on his worked-out abs. He has a supportive girlfriend Mansee (Sumona Chakravarti) who?s more often than not sobbing for him to leave the world of crime. Let me do one last job and I?ll leave, he promises. This last job is of great consequence, explains his employer Victor, a comical South Indian don. You see, Orion an Indian crime lord based in Greece wants to avenge his son?s murder at the hands of a police commissioner. And our leading man is sent to do the job. Once there, the commissioner says he resembles his dead son. Arjun melts with emotion. He decides he won?t kill the nice man after all, and the duo starts a run from Victor and Orion?s hit-men. We are to believe that Arjun, a steely, ruthless killer is actually all mush inside. All?s swell that ends well, naturally.

It is a problem when the leading man is the worst performer among the cast. Amar Sidhu?s is possibly the worst acting one has seen in a long time. His honey-coloured eyes unfortunately carry no expression in them, and his accent oscillates wildly between American to heavy-duty Punjabi. The emphasis is all on the wrong words when speaking the dialogue; hands remain constantly on the hips. Sumona Chakravarti, who plays the love interest, is unconventionally pretty and displays reasonable screen presence. Supporting cast is fairly competent.

The story, much like the potboilers from decades ago, creates a hero that the audience is supposed to sympathize with despite his wrongdoings. He can romance, fight, emote, and win over the audience in a snap. Thankfully, the definition of a hero in our films has changed over the past few decades; this film hasn?t caught on. It would be an unneeded addition to say that the film is painfully archaic.

Deepak Bandhu?s direction is uninspired and bland; but what can one do when the film revolves around the hero, and the leading man himself is the weakest link in the film.

Dare to watch it for some hat ke entertainment. As the saying goes, `it?s so bad, it?s good!?

Verdict: One star