Review: Oh, My God! Give this a miss

Review: Oh, My God! Give this a miss

Source: Sify

By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 5 December 2008

Movie Title

Oh, My God!


Saurabh Srivastava

Star Cast

Vinay Pathak, Saurabh Shukla, Divya Dutta, Harsh Chhaya, Gaurav Gera, Pubali Sanyal

I?ll tell you right away that this film is possibly the worst this critic has seen in a long time. Having declared this, I must continue with the review to explain why, while you have the option of scooting. But do stay, and amuse yourself with the details.

God, here is played by Saurabh Shukla, in a tight white suit. His mannerisms are inordinately unbecoming of this high stature. We hear Shukla?s voice-over from a temple calling for security; it?s God wanting to get rid of a pesky devotee.

Rajendra Dubey (Vinay Pathak in his millionth role as the podgy, bespectacled everyman) starts a personal monologue with God about his DhanVruksh Scheme, one of those get-rich-quick propositions I?m sure you?ve encountered at some point.

We hear this conversation without any cuts; and realise that point been made, this scene is just stretching without any supervision.

Rajendra?s boss Shekhar (Harsh Chaya) is a strange type who is being divorced by his wife and has a screaming-for-sympathy demeanor. While the office folks run away from `scheme man?, Shekhar agrees to a dinner invitation by Rajendra.

They are accompanied by Rajendra?s wife Suman (Divya Dutta), who that afternoon was in a room-full of kids spraying the terrifying tots with shaving cream. This was to establish that she loves kids, while Rajendra wants his scheme to work before extending family.

At dinner, he gets sloshed and is carried home by Suman and Shekhar. The boss sobs saying that his employee has ?the perfect wife which I never had?. That?s it. This long scene has no relevance whatsoever to the story.

Next: Rajendra meets his friends Pidhu and Minu (Gaurav Gera, Pubali Sanyal) at a supermarket and offers to sing at their home for a jagran party. We see his performance in detail.

Ya, and this scene has nothing to do with moving the story forward as well. In the next few reels, we see a leisurely shot urinal scene, a never-ending conversation with god (by the wife this time), and Rajendra reporting to a new boss.

God then decides to help him out and for making Rajendra rich, takes the form of a lottery seller, a shady criminal and a cop. All attempts at humour, including this fancy dress parade, only make you unbearably restless.

You wonder if God could sue the makers for representing him as rather dense?his ploys for giving the money to Rajendra couldn?t fool even a kid. Towards the end, tired of escaping the briefcase full of money that keeps mysteriously appearing for him, Rajendra goes loony.

We see God as the mental hospital doctor, and learn that all this was to teach Rajendra the lesson that instead of being greedy, one must appreciate the smaller pleasures in life. Honestly, with a God like that, who needs the devil eh?

Overall the filmmaking is amateur. Technically, the product is below par. Performances by Vinay Pathak and Divya Dutta are earnest. One can empathise that this tale may have sounded immersing on paper (the story has been credited to five writers!), but that has certainly not transferred onto the screen. Avoid, unless you want to suffer the same fate as the protagonist.

Verdict: Half-a-star

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