Review: 1977

Review: 1977

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Monday 09 March 2009

Movie Title

Review: 1977


G N Dinesh Kumar

Star Cast

Sarath Kumar, Namitha, Farzana, Vivek, Jayasudha

As the title indicates, Sarath Kumar?s 1977?s look and feel is that of a 70?s hoary formula film. It is about a larger than life hero who seeks to redeem his father?s name after he has been framed by the bad guys for a massacre he did not commit.

There is no basic storyline and absolutely no twists in the screenplay which is predictable. The story is as old as the hills. Rasaiah (Sarath Kumar) is a do-gooder ?Gandhian?-type-chief of a fishing village. His son Vetrivel (Sarath Kumar) is a top scientist, who has won an award from the President of India. Rasaiah refuses to go to Delhi to see his son getting the award but all of a sudden seeing a newspaper clipping packs his bags to travel, but dies due to the shock.

Vetrivel decides to investigate what led to his fathers? sudden change of heart and travels to Malaysia where he meets a sexy journalist Inba (Farzana), who wears only hot pants and starts dreaming about dancing on beaches with him! Then there is a buxom lawyer Chandini (Namitha), who is also infatuated with him and minutes after meeting him, is in her fantasy world!

In spite of two heavy duty sex kittens drooling over him, Vetrivel is able to get a lead to the bad guys led by a so called Good Samaritan and social worker Dharmaseelan, who we find out, is the man who framed his honest father, a cop in the Malaysian police. And the big surprise Vetri finds is his long lost mother, and then takes on hundreds of gun totting villains single handedly!!

All the vital elements of what could have been a suspense drama are missing, and the script short cut gives the film a very amateurish feel. The music of Vidyasagar is a major let down, and even the background score fails. The only intention of the director seems to be showcasing the glam girls in beachwear. Vivek in a separate comedy track as a bumbling Tamizhan in Malaysia is very irritating, and Namitha and Farzana are there only to flaunt their body and sing song on the beaches.

And if you think there is any political significance in the title (it was said that 1977 was the year MGR came to power), it indicates the year Rasaiah escaped from a maximum security jail in Malaysia, and came to India in a boat with his new born Vetrivel. How long will Sarath Kumar go on doing double role as father and son? Sorry to say, the film is as avoidable as migraine.

Verdict: Disappointing

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