Review: Happy Happy Gaa

Review: Happy Happy Gaa



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 22 August 2010

Movie Title

Review: Happy Happy Gaa


Priya Saran

Star Cast

Varun Sandesh, Vega, Saranya Mohan, Ali, MS Narayana and others

After facing a debacle with Maro Charitra, Varun Sandesh embarked on yet another mission, hoping to give happy moments to the audiences. However, the film proves that it is neither a love story, nor an entertainer with doses of comedy. A slipshod comedy track and unimpressive sentiment have weakened the story.

Santosh (Varun Sandesh) is an orphan. He runs a gifts shop with his friends. To overcome his personal loss of being an orphan, he constantly tries to find love with one beautiful girl or another. This way, he happens to meet Puja (Vega). It is love at first sight for him, but when he gets ready to propose to her, he hears that she doesn't believe in love.

So he beats around the bush. He bluffs that he is in love with some other girl. When Puja wants him to show the girl to her, he points to Priya (Saranya Mohan) who happens to be passing by. Believing that what Santosh said is true, Puja gets into action, trying to unite Santosh and Priya. Priya is none other than the sister of a dreaded don of their locality. Under these circumstances, what does Santosh do? It forms the crux of the film.

Varun Sandesh is victim of a confused characterization. Neither he nor the stunts are in synch with the story. Vega is glamorous but her screen presence is wasted and it's the same with Saranya Mohan, who becomes the victim of sentiment and tragedy. Both Vega and Saranya Mohan tinted this Telugu flick with their K'wood experience. The comedians MS Narayana and Ali suffered with glitches in their characterization and the comedy flow is not smooth, but turns into speed breakers to the main story. Tamil director Priya Saran too, seems to have cared little that he is doing a Telugu film.

The story is completely lacking in originality. The audience would immediately grasp that it is nothing but a rehashi of Pawan Kalyan?s blockbuster Badri with a few more additional twists. In an effort to glorify comedy, the director has messed up things. The director presents Vega as the one who hates love, but there is no clarity at all as to why she wants to join the hero and the girl he's supposedly in love with.

The saving grace is Mani Sharma?s music that is as usual impressive. Dialogues jarr in many scenes. Editing is not good. Screenplay and narration have no punch. The movie has received a weak impression at all centres.

Verdict: Disappointing

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