Review: Teree sang far from reality

Review: Teree sang far from reality

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 09 August 2009

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Review: Teree sang far from reality


Satish Kaushik

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Sheena Shahabadi, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Rajat Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Satish Kaushik, Sushmita Mukherjee Bundela, Anupam Kher

Sonia Chopra

Unmarried pregnancies have been observed in several of our films ? Preity Zinta got pregnant twice onscreen ? in Kya Kehna and in Salaam Namastey. Hollywood?s indie hit Juno about teenage pregnancy also explored the subject in a bitingly honest manner.

Teree Sang, as the posters mention, is a `kidult? love story. We meet effervescent Mahi (Sheena Shahabadi, fabulous) who plays the poor little rich girl. Alone on her birthday again, as her parents are away on work, she befriends Kuku (Ruslaan, suitably sweet). She takes to him immediately, bringing him home and chatting through the night, without even knowing his name. The parents gift her a credit card the next day, unknowing of their daughter?s new friendship. Their lives are completely different: while Mahi?s breakfast table has the stern father (Rajat Kapoor) hidden behind a newspaper, and a hapless mother (Neena Gupta) torn between the two; Kuku?s family is all love and boisterous affections. The dad (Satish Kaushik, supremely funny) is a rickshaw driver while the mom (Sushmita Mukherjee) tutors local kids.

Mahi?s dad is unhappy about this relationship and naturally flips the lid when he learns of her pregnancy. Afraid of their parents? reactions, the two run away and find solace in a friend?s secluded, run-down bungalow. This hopeless situation is romanticised with cutesy scenes of her making tea, he cooking up breakfast, going to work (as a labourer and then a delivery boy), she waiting for him with a dinner of noodles ready. The danger of such an arrangement and pregnancy snafus like nausea, aches, discomfort, labour pains, constantly needing medical attention are conveniently glossed over, as our couple lives blissfully like a modern day Adam and Eve.

But this is a film, after all, and a highly unrealistic one. One dialogue, for example has Kuku?s dad thundering ??Abortion? Don?t you know that abortion is illegal?? (Incidentally legal since `71.) Faulty facts aside, you have the girl go in for abortion coming out frightened of the surgical apparatus; when most practitioners conduct the procedure with just medicines. All this information can be found on a simple google search; crucial details that the film misses.

Teree Sang does have pluses: the music is likeable; cinematography is first-rate, as is the art direction. The central cast, especially Sheena Shahabadi, shows immense promise.

At the end, the film expects you to applaud this child-couple that got pregnant, chose to have the baby, and reconciled with the parents. Mahi?s upset dad even renders an unending monologue in a courtroom, no less, apologising to the kids and everyone else. How you yearn this melodramatic portion was deleted by Satish Kaushik who last directed Karzzzz.

One cannot question a pregnant couple?s choice to keep or abort the child; it?s a personal call. But moral discourses apart, it?s positively unfair to advocate that a 10th standard kid is physically or emotionally developed for parenthood (the dialogue shifts blame to kudrat, nature). Or expect that the jobless 17-year-old boyfriend who loves the girl and sticks by her, will earn enough to afford even a fraction of what it costs to bring up a child. As for the kid, it will be born into a family where not-yet-adults will be its parents with granddads and moms probably having to act as substitute parents. Whoa, what a mess. This ?kidult? love story ought to have been told realistically ? warts and all.

Verdict: One and a half stars

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