Review: Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum

Review: Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 25 July 2015

Movie Title

Review: Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum



Star Cast

Arulnithi, Singampuli, Remya Nambeesan, Yogi Babu

Loosely based on the 1939 British Film, Ask a Police Man Arulnithi's Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum (NPNO) is all about how four police offers ruin a role model village for their personal interests.

Porpandhal is a proud winner of the best role model village award given by the Indian president. We are shown that there is absolutely no crime in Porpandhal and the police station is being used as recreational club where our four cops aka protagonists - Shanmughapandian (Arulnithi), Chelladurai (Bhagavathi Perumal), Ilaiyakumar (Rajkumar) and Head constable (Singampuli) having good time watching cricket matches and playing carrom.

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry decides that Porpandhal no longer needs a police station and when they are about to issue transfer orders to all the four cops, our protagonists think of a plan and try their luck to get some serious cases in the village. To their misfortune, the role model village gets ruined and turns into an insecure place to live. What happens next?

Director Srikrishna has chosen a novel plot for his debut film but sadly here the drama outshines the comedy, at places drama turns out to be a monotonous melodrama that we cannot sit throughout the movie. Adding to the woes, the film ends with an abrupt ending which clearly shows that the director had tough time in writing a convincing climax.

The film moves at a leisurely pace and picks up only after the intermission with some good moments including the unexpected quarrel between the shop owner and the President of the village. The scene where thief Yogi Babu loots the entire village by signaling his team like a trained music conductor is well executed but sadly the film does not have many such well written scenes and the implausible climax spoils the show.

Arulnidhi has once again given a decent performance and justifies the role given to him. Heroine Remya Nambeesan sleeps walks through the film while Singam Puli partly shines in the well sketched character.

Music by BR Regin is just average while editing by Sabu Joseph and cinematography by Mahesh Muthusami are adequate for the film's theme.

Overall, Naalu Policeum Nalla Iruntha Oorum is yet another film where the core story is unique and novel but the execution falls short.

Verdict: Average

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