Review-Sagar alias Jacky

Review-Sagar alias Jacky


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 27 March 2009

Movie Title

Review-Sagar alias Jacky


Amal Neerad

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Suman, Sampath, Bhavana, Sobhana, Manoj, Jagathy

Mohanlal?s highly hyped ?stylish action thriller? Sagar alias Jacky- Reloaded directed by Amal Neerad, is all style and no substance!

This film promised to be the mother of all stylish films made in India. But sadly, director Amal Neerad clearly lacks a story and the skills required to turn that idea into an engaging film.

There is a sense of d?j? vu as Amal has rehashed certain scenes, locations and characters from his earlier Big-B, and the end product looks like it has fallen off straight from the assembly line of stylized gangster movies like Musafir, Billa, D Company etc.

Where is the story Mr. S.N Swamy? Sagar alias Jacky (Mohanlal) is an international operator who outsmarts rivals like Naina (Suman) through his guts and determination and always emerges triumphant. However he has a problem to be sorted out in Kerala, where the Chief Minister?s (Nedumudi Venu) son-in-law, a good for nothing guy and his childhood friend Manu (Manoj.K.Jayan) is kidnapped. Manu?s wife Indu (Shobhana), finds that the Kerala Police is dragging its feet over it as their loyalty is with her elder brother Hari (Ganesh), a budding politician who wants to inherit his fathers political legacy.

Indu requests Sagar to bring back her husband who is held in Goa by the notorious gangsters Rozario brothers (Tamil villain Sampath, and the long haired bearded guy who played main villain in Big-B). Sagar flies in to Kochi, in his personal jet along with his 4 member gang.

They take on the Rozario brothers; rescue Manu which leads to more trouble with a host of baddies like Rahul Dev and ends with a final shoot out in a resort. For some romance and songs there is a television news reporter Aarathy Menon (Bhavana), who tries to investigate and expose Sagar and ends up falling in love with him and paying a price.

At times you get the feeling that Swamy has remade his K.Madhu directed Irupatham Nootandu, which was a far better entertainer. In fact, this film is the perfect example of the new style of film making being followed by young directors in south fed on Hollywood and Bollywood DVD?s. First decide and design action sequences, exotic locations, costumes and then write the story around that.

It's an opportunity lost, as Mohanlal the most flexible actor in Indian cinema is asked to look wooden and walk throughout wearing designer coats and leather jackets, which after a point of time becomes predictable or plain boring and agonizingly snail-paced. Jagathy Sreekumar is wasted while Jyothirmayee?s item dance fails to sizzle.

Added to that the director has employed the regular technique used by Ram Gopal Varma, Vishnu Vardhan and others to make their film look stylish- ramping technique, wide-angle lenses, top angle shots, sepia-toned photography, sharp cuts and a jarring loud background score and end titles rolling over with a special song.

But Sagar alias Jacky is not an unwatchable movie. For the locations and look, it can be seen. But what could have been a fearless, edgy action thriller is ultimately only a half-decent enterprise because it lacks a strong story. You can watch it only because it?s a new format but for most parts prepare to be seriously bored.

Verdict- Average

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