Review: Stay clear of Jism 2

Review: Stay clear of Jism 2

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By: Emptor | member

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Movie Title

Review: Stay clear of Jism 2


Pooja Bhatt

Star Cast

Sunny Leone, Arunoday Singh, Randeep Hooda

I had the misfortune of catching this movie over the weekend. Loathed every single minute of it. The opening sequence with a quote from Job and Sunny spread out on the beach. It showed some promise as the voice over proclaimed her to be a porn star, but the story that unfolds there after completely defies logic as it has absolutely no relevance to the plot. She could have been a chambermaid for all you know or care!

The songs are pathetic and ear shattering, which is another let down. Comparisons to Gangster are odious as that movie was leagues ahead.

If your idea of sex appeal is watching Sunny Leone walk through the movie in her innerwear and her ample cleavage on show and a range of two expressions, this is for you. If you?re expecting any sense at all, go watch a TV serial.

Director Pooja Bhatt had the gall to proclaim on an FM channel that the movie is sensual, but not overly so; if you ask me, she needs her head examined.

The story, rather what passes for it in a nutshell - Sunny is Izna, former porn star who is recruited by a secret intelligence branch for a secret mission which is to find the character essayed by Randeep Hooda and extract his cache of important/secret data that could have nationwide repurcussions. Towards that pursuit, she tags along with the character played by Arunoday Singh (Ayaan), posing as an engaged couple, and checkd into a villa right opposite the target ostensibly in Sri Lanka. Strangely, we don?t see a single local anywhere in the movie. For a hush-hush assignment, the characters keep screaming away their game plans. For a so called top notch assassin, Randeep?s character (Kabir) is strangely un-protected with just cctv! Year 2012 and we can?t make a halfway decent film with a storyline!?!

Sunny loves Randeep, Randeep loves Sunny, but Ayaan too has started liking Sunny so the confusion has to end someway or the other. After the first 30 minutes, one really couldn?t care less.

The climax is a load of complete bull****!

When I say the ending is the best part of the movie, I mean that literally. It felt good when the movie ended/stopped! Pity the site doesn?t offer negative rating, so my rating for the movie is nil.

AVOID!!! I wasted 700 bucks and three hours on a weekend. Be warned!

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