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Saturday 12 September 2015

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Review: Strawberry


Pa Vijay

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Pa Vijay, Samuthirakani, Devayani, Avni Modi, 'Baby' Yuvina

The safest bet in Kollywood is to make low budget horror movies and mint money at the box office. Compared to other horror comedies in Tamil cinema, the genre of lyricist turned hero, PA Vijay's Strawberry is a social horror thriller that is more a tearjerker and a tiring watch!

Saravanan (Pa Vijay) is a call taxi driver who experiences paranormal activities and he gets informed by a research student (Avni Modi) that a ghost wants to communicate with him. Later Saravanan comes to know that a small girl named Anu (Baby Yuvina) who lost her life in a bus accident which happened because of the negligence of a private educational institution wants to retaliate. The rest of the film is all about how Saravanan and Anu takes revenge against the rich correspondent of the educational institution!

With Strawberry, Pa Vijay has also donned the director's hat and to be frank, the one-liner of Strawberry is definitely interesting but for an engaging watch, a film needs something called water-tight writing and strong characterizations which the director has sadly missed out!

The film is highly amateurish and is unbearable as the director tries to make it a social tear jerker. Yes, the message conveyed in Strawberry is a much needed one for the society but as a film it is nothing but an amateurish attempt which tests the patience of the audience.

As an actor Pa Vijay is just adequate while Avni Modi sleeps walk through the whole movie. Samuthirakani has once again given a commendable performance while Devayani has clearly overacted. Among all the actors, it was 'Baby' Yuvina who steals the show. The kid looks super cute and her performance is also comparatively better than the rest of the cast.

Strawberry's another positive aspect is Maara Varman's cinematography. Especially, the aerial shots of Chennai are simply beautiful and the color tones used are eye pleasing.

Overall, Strawberry is an exhausting watch which is sure to test the endurance of the audiences. Watch it at your own risk!

Verdict: Below Average

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