Review: Wake Up Sid could put you to sleep

Review: Wake Up Sid could put you to sleep

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 October 2009

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Review: Wake Up Sid could put you to sleep


Ayan Mukerji

Star Cast

Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Rahul Khanna, Anupam Kher, Shikha Talsania, Supriya Pathak, Namit Das

The film?s title and promos suggest the protagonist is an overprivileged Boy-Without-Ambition. No surprises there.

You wonder if he finds sustenance in love and turns back on his feet by the end of the movie. You also guess whether his name might be Siddharth who is called Sid by those around him. Bang on! You then worry if this?ll turn out to be a younger, hipper Lakshya, which I?m sorry to say it almost is.

If you?ve seen the former, you?ll remember Hrithik Roshan?s aimless Karan Shergill awaken every morning familiarly by the failthful servant. He too falls for someone very driven (a Bengali journalist) ? an exact opposite of him?and finds his life?s goals through her. Ditto; except here, we?re talking tamer stuff than joining the army and climbing mountains. Sid?s (Ranbir Kapoor) father who has a bathroom furnishings empire wants him to join the family business after college. For thirty days of attending office, the father bribes him with a Porche.

But on the last day, Sid escapes. ?Flower showers are not my thing,? he complains to new friend Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma) who he happened to meet at a party. She finds his childish refusal to accept a booming business career amusing. From Kolkata, Aisha has come to Mumbai to lead an independent life.

From then on their impossible situation is romanticised endlessly. Even before she finds work, the home is rented out. She, of course, gets that coveted job which is a bit confusing. Even though she dreams of becoming a writer, she?s pressing for a job as the editor?s assistant (cleaning tables, fixing appointments, making coffee). We don?t see her give a single interview anywhere else for a writing job, and instead find her hoping she becomes the secretary at this nondescript magazine called `Mumbai Beat?.

So far, so incomprehensible. Through his friendship with Aisha, Sid learns everything from making an egg to the thrill living independently. The plot is already somewhat borrowed; even the treatment is low on credibility. It?s difficult to digest how easily our protagonists? conflicts get resolved. Debut Director Ayan Mukerji, all of 26 and Karan Johar?s former assistant, makes a film that?s too convenient for its own good.

Nuances like challenges faced by single women living alone or reactions in the conservative locality to her having a male roommate are not touched upon. Characterisation, a crucial aspect in a film like this, falls flat. Sid is innocently charming, revealing his pampered and protected upbringing; but his sudden change seems out of character. Aisha?s character isn?t effective enough to make the audience warm up to her, or make her influence on Sid believable. Rahul Khanna, poor fellow, is cast yet again after Dil Kabaddi and Love Aaj Kal as the jilted suitor ? that itself talks volumes about how safe the makers are playing with this film. Several influences of recent Hollywood films can be traced ? for example the column in a magazine materialising like in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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Wake Up Sid! Is dialogue heavy, and ironically, this aspect is sorely disappointing. Dialogues are monotonous and has everyone speaking in the same unreal explanatory manner, devoid of any individual quirks. Other technical work is fab ? and you notice the cinematography, art direction, sound design and songs. But the editing lets the pace flounder. For a film that?s so young ? the pace is s-l-o-w.

Where Mukerji excels is in developing moments between Sid and Aisha like the impromptu birthday celebration, fights over the messy home, and their uncertain feelings towards each other. The cast does very well --Ranbir Kapoor?s graceful charm is intact from the time he plays the spoilt brat to his enlightenment. Konkona Sen Sharma gives a spirited performance but seems suffocated by the narrow scope of her character. This unusual pairing is the highlight of the film and their chemistry is alright; but it could have been super-special had their characters been given some depth.

So there you have it --- a self-smart verbose film that says nothing new, saved somewhat by a few heartfelt moments and sincere performances.

Rating: Two stars

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