Rajavukku Check review: A decent crime thriller

Rajavukku Check review: Had he concentrated more in the execution part, the film would have become an edge of the seat thriller!

Psycho review: Not an easy watch!

Psycho review: The first half is fairly engaging but the second half turns too predictable, convoluted, silly and illogical

Pattas review: Formulaic action revenge drama

Pattas review: A commercial entertainer for Pongal family audiences. Go in with modest expectations and you may not be disappointed.

Pancharaaksharam review: A watchable supernatural thriller

Pancharaaksharam review: A watchable supernatural thriller with the necessary elements to engage the audiences

V1 review: An amateurish suspense thriller

V1 review: The film would have worked well under the treatment of an experienced director.

Sillu Karuppatti review: A little gem not to be missed!

Sillu Karuppatti review:Halitha Shameem's 'Sillu Karuppati' is an endearing anthology that revolves around modern-day relationship issues

The filmmaker manages to keep you riveted as the drama unfolds, even if you may have guessed few delicious twists in the climax

Thambi review: An engaging watch for the solid performances of the lead actors, suspense and family moments

Hero review: An engaging entertainer for families!

Hero review:PS Mithran's basic idea is very innovative, he has sketched a fact-based screenplay with solid research

Champion review:A watchable sports drama

Champion review: The debutant hero and his raw performance make us root for the film to a very large extent.

Jada review: A half baked sports drama

Jada review: Kathir who has been choosing good scripts has landed in a wrong project with this sports film

Iruttu review: An engaging horror thriller

Iruttu review: A watchable horror thriller for the unexplored element and the investigative angle.

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale review: An outdated romantic comedy!

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale review:The storytelling, presentation, performance, music, and the overall look and feel is outdated.