Bruce Lee review: A Black comedy gone awry

It’s up to GV Prakash as Bruce lee to breathe some life into this lazy film… which he does.

A laboriously long, patience-testing exercise

This is a crass, loud and brainless mass masala that can be enjoyed only if you are a robot,

Filled with more twists and turns than you’re likely to find on the Western Ghats

It is both intelligent and exciting. A gripping cop thriller skillfully directed by Arivazhagan

The blame for this film rests squarely with its makers

The blame for this film rests squarely with its makers. You have to wonder how it qualifies as entertainment of any sort?

Just like any other horror film, RUM opens with two strangers getting into an eerie bungalow, experiencing paranormal activities.

Major problem with Rum is that technically the film is amatuerish and delivers very little in terms of novelty

A slow paced comedy entertainer, which evokes some laughter at a few places

The film written and directed by Mahendran Rajamani has some sharp and funny dialogues.

Highlights the irregularities in our educational system.

A watchable film with plenty of twists and turns including a very strong message based on education racket.

Was he able to repeat the magic again?

The biggest strength of this fun filled is the effervescent chemistry between the boys.

Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru review-Comedy caper

GV Prakash Kumar has successfully repeated his trademark mannerisms and the loser boy Kumaru character is tailor made for him.

Kadalai review- Average comedy

The first half is quite entertaining, thanks to Yogi Babu and Ma Ka Pa Anand duo. This rural comic entertainer conveys a much needed message to the society.