It isn’t just an action movie but is also about friendship between five young men who want to do something good to the society

It isn’t just an action movie set against the backdrop of fire fighters but is also about friendship between five young men

First half is a total downer with unnecessary songs, a lifeless romance and very minimal gags

It’s up to Vishnu Vishal to breathe life into this lazy film…which he does. Overall, 'Kathanayagan' is a plain and simple bore.

A jolly time pass entertainer with a relevant message, which will definitely create an impact

RJ Balaji steals the show with his one liners and long drawn dialogues on engineering students and their plight.

An average watch only because of the predictable second half and climax

It has its own flaws, the film's concept is interesting but towards the end, the screenplay fizzles out

This film gets tiring very quickly

It takes superhuman strength to stop yourself from nodding off to sleep. This film gets tiring very quickly.

A wafer-thin storyline filled with crass comic sequence which relies on a bunch of comedians for the screenplay proceedings

The much hyped funny one-liners of Soori didn’t work and it would have been great if Ezhil used Yogi Babu more as his portions comparatively worked better. The rest of the comedians including Mansoor Ali Khan, Chams and Madhumitha fail to attract us.

A film with an interesting concept that fails to turn impressive mainly due to commercial compromises and lack of fine writing

To conclude, the film had an interesting plot but the shoddy execution in second half make it an average watch.