Raja Manthiri review: Average

It is an average time pass entertainer and people who watch village entertainers might find this as a decent watch.

Muthina Kathirika review:Time Pass

A quirky tale on how an underdog yet cunning politician from a small town climbs up the ladder with his intelligent strategies.

Marudhu review: Tailor-made for Vishal

The script of Marudhu is tailor-made for Vishal as he excels as an action hero.

Ko2-Review: Decent political entertainer with a message

The film addresses the extent a man can go to bring out the truth in the dirty world of politics.

24 review: A well-executed intelligent movie

Straight off the bat Vikram Kumar’s Suriya sci-fi film 24 is a well executed thinking movie within the commercial format.

Manithan Review: Watchable

A feel-good satire, a remake of the Bollywood film Jolly LLB. The film throws light at our system and the sad state of affairs

Mapla Singam Review: A tedious watch

Bottom line is if you are a fan of formulaic movies, you might enjoy this but others, please stay away!

Kanithan review: Run Of The Mill

This action thriller tries hard to satisfy multiple agendas that telling an interesting story becomes secondary to everything else.

Miruthan review: Engaging zombie thriller

Audiences worldwide, are attracted to Zombie genre for various reasons and Miruthan is indeed an engaging thriller which moves at brisk pace

'Kaaka Muttai' Review: A vibrant slice of life film!

The film works because it’s intelligent and uncompromising, and because it’s simultaneously serious and light, without ever trying too hard to be either.

Rajini Murugan review

Thanks to the brilliant chemistry between the comedy-duo Sivakarthikeyan and Soori, the film is a laugh riot which holds no pretensions - Rajini Murugan review

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam

The biggest strength of Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam is the strong writing and characterization of the heroine and bold dialogues