Bruce Lee review: A Black comedy gone awry

It’s up to GV Prakash as Bruce lee to breathe some life into this lazy film… which he does.

Nisabdham review- Average film with a message

It is indeed an honest attempt and it can be watchable for the message delivered

A laboriously long, patience-testing exercise

This is a crass, loud and brainless mass masala that can be enjoyed only if you are a robot,

Right mixture of humour and good performances from a fresh cast

It is a gripping film that seizes your full attention. Book your tickets and you will not regret

The film deals with a guy, who is so obsessed with his childhood love that he goes to any extent to prove it.

The major problem here is that today's audience cannot connect with the old idea of 'being sincere' in love

Yaakkai review- Underwhelming and boring

Convoluted, and never true to its own logic, the twists in 'Yaakai' felt underwhelming and boring.

Filled with more twists and turns than you’re likely to find on the Western Ghats

It is both intelligent and exciting. A gripping cop thriller skillfully directed by Arivazhagan

The blame for this film rests squarely with its makers

The blame for this film rests squarely with its makers. You have to wonder how it qualifies as entertainment of any sort?

A rare kind of film which transports you bang in the middle of its action

The best thing about the film is its racy presentation and unpredictable twists and turns

Kanavu Variyam review: There’s little to recommend!

On the whole, a weak script that lacks subtlety and nuance, the film is ultimately a big bore!

Kadhal Kan Kattuthe review -Watchable romantic drama

Is watchable for the honest attempt but the execution could have been much better!

Just like any other horror film, RUM opens with two strangers getting into an eerie bungalow, experiencing paranormal activities.

Major problem with Rum is that technically the film is amatuerish and delivers very little in terms of novelty