Kodita Idangalai Nirappuga review-Tedious watch

Parthiepan’s answers to fill in the blanks are at times in your face, but that is the way his films function.

As you leave the cinema in the end, you can’t help missing the distinct sense of fun that Vijay films normally deliver.

The first half keeps us entertained, but post interval there is nothing much to cheer as it becomes pretentious and predictably packaged for fans of the star

Highlights the irregularities in our educational system.

A watchable film with plenty of twists and turns including a very strong message based on education racket.

Except for the silly climax, the young team has done a decent job.

The prolonged ghost drama in the second half and the weak climax test our patience

Engages us throughout and keep throwing surprises till the end.

Only very few debut filmmakers grab our attention with lesser known actors and showcase technical excellency in limited budgets.

By now audiences know what to expect out of a Suraj directed mass comedy-action entertainer.

This film could not have come at a more appropriate time, as a part of the film deals with back money, hoarding, income tax raids and money laundering.

One of weakest film in Sasikumar's career

Can be appreciated only by reading the title again and again but definitely, not after watching the film.

Hard truth is Ashwin Shekar lacks the energy, which his dad still has.

Had the film got better actors and a director, who understand the present sensibilities, it may have worked

Not as powerful as the title!

Vikram Prabhu is earnest with his performance but fail to rise above the severely flawed script

Was he able to repeat the magic again?

The biggest strength of this fun filled is the effervescent chemistry between the boys.

Yet another template triangular love story

The main problem with 'Parandhu Sella Vaa' is the age old storyline and slow paced screenplay with too many characters

Director has tried to convey an important message to the society but ends up being preachy!

Twenty-five years ago, perhaps the plot of 'Maaveeran Kittu' may not have felt like such a stretch, but today it just seems like the product of a mind stuck in a time warp