Ithu Namma Aalu review: Good weekend watch

It is watchable for the brilliant on screen chemistry between STR and Nayan, also for the quirky one liners of Soori

Iraivi review:Bold & Daring

On the whole, 'Iraivi' may not be appealing to all. But Watch it once, for it bravely treads new ground.

Uriyadi review:Violent revenge drama

The film is definitely not for faint hearted as they can’t digest the violence, especially women and kids

Marudhu review: Tailor-made for Vishal

The script of Marudhu is tailor-made for Vishal as he excels as an action hero.

Pencil review: A watchable high school thriller

The film looks good on paper and the first half is brillaintly executed. The engaging screenplay and character establishment is very interesting

Ko2-Review: Decent political entertainer with a message

The film addresses the extent a man can go to bring out the truth in the dirty world of politics.

24 review: A well-executed intelligent movie

Straight off the bat Vikram Kumar’s Suriya sci-fi film 24 is a well executed thinking movie within the commercial format.

Kalam review:Watchable horror thriller

It is definitely not our regular horror thriller, the actual suspense factor in the film is the highlight and the pulpy ending leaves us stunned.

Manithan Review: Watchable

A feel-good satire, a remake of the Bollywood film Jolly LLB. The film throws light at our system and the sad state of affairs

Vetrivel Review: Watchable

Though the film is predictable, there are few good moments and twists to keep you engrossed.

Theri review: Paisa Vasool

Thanks to its slick presentation Atlee has a cleverly crafted a predictable story which plays to the galleries.

Jithan-2 review: Avoid

Even a poorly made movie have some kind of positive aspects to talk about but Jithan 2 is a nightmare, which we want to quickly erase from our memory