Valeba Raja review: Avoidable

Nothing more awkward than watching a film that tries too hard to be funny. Sethu’s delayed release Valeba Raja is one such film

Zero review: Sincere but sloppy

Zero reviw:Kudos to director Shiv Mohaa, as he has given us a film with a well researched script but some bizarre twists and low production values turn villain

Thozha review: Breezy feel-good entertainer

Director Vamshi has given us the best possible adaptation of French classic The Intouchables with flavors that suit the taste of our audiences.

Sawaari review: Bumpy ride

Debutant director Guhan Seniappan's sawaari- somewhere down the line, could not convert the magic from paper to big screen.

Aagam review: Avoidable

The problem with Aagam is that there are too many subplots, too many characters and the director wants each and everything must be spoon fed to the audiences.

Pugazh review: Engaging

Although the film moves at a leisure pace, well-etched out characters and a solid message make this one an engaging watch.

Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum review: A classy rom-com

Uninhibited and naughty, Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum is an enjoyable comedy that has enough frenzied moments to keep you in your seats.

Mapla Singam Review: A tedious watch

Bottom line is if you are a fan of formulaic movies, you might enjoy this but others, please stay away!

Vil Ambu review: Gone haywire

It has definitely got an interesting idea but the director lost the path in midway and missed the target by miles!

Pokkiri Raja review: Comedy entertainer

It is a decent comedy entertainer and watchable for its unique attempt and an entertaining first half.

Aarathu Sinam review:Watchable thriller

The biggest strength is the tight storyline, performance of Arulnithi, songs by Thaman and brillaint camerawork by Arvind Singh

Kanithan review: Run Of The Mill

This action thriller tries hard to satisfy multiple agendas that telling an interesting story becomes secondary to everything else.