Ayogya is a loud and violent film that works in parts

Vishal shines in "Ayogya", a revenge drama with grand visuals. The film is marred by too many songs.

Kee is a well-researched that doesn't meet the mark

"Kee" is Average. The songs and comedy scenes are totally needless for a techno psychological thriller like this.

100 is a cop action entertainer that has a thrilling plot

Director Sam Anton’s "100" is a passable cop action entertainer which works mainly because of the engaging second half.

Natpe Thunai is a well-intended film and is engaging in parts.

"Natpe Thunai" has a gripping climax, but the film fails to leave a mark

Bobby Simha's Agni Devi is a tedious watch!

"Agni Devi" is a torturous watch. The one and only solace in the film is Madhoo. The actress comes out of her comfort zone to play a politician with shades of grey.

Anjali's Lisaa is a big bore but has its moments

The 3D visuals are good. But there's nothing that's thrilling or engaging in "Lisaa"

Adangamaru is an engaging action thriller starring Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna

While the core plot of Adangamaru" doesn't have anything original to say, it is well shot, well edited and brilliantly enacted by its lead actors.

SJ Suryah's Moinster is a well-written comedy entertainer

"Monster" is sure to work with the kids and families for its theme and like-able presentation

Kuppathu Raja is a big bore that doesn't offer anything new.

"Kuppathu Raja" is a predictable revenge thriller. A yawn fest!

Johnny would be an average watch for the audiences who haven’t seen the original Hindi version

"Johnny" lacks punch and pales in comparison to the original Hindi film. Prashanth is adequate but the magic we witnessed in him in the late ‘90s and early 2000s is completely missing.

Maari 2 works for Dhanush and Sai Pallavi fans.

Despite a predictable storyline and hurried climax, Maari 2 may work for Dhanush fans.

Vikram Prabhu impresses us by playing a no-nonsense, angry young man, an encounter specialist Birla Bose in Thuppakki Munai.

Watch "Thuppakki Munai" for Vikram Prabhu and the socially relevant message conveyed in the climax.