The film is made only for STR fans

"Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven" is an average entertainer. Watch it if you are a fan of STR and trademark Telugu family entertainers!

Prabhu Deva and Tamanna's Devi 2 has nothing new to offer

"Devi 2" is a poorly-made horror comedy from director Vijay

The twists and turns in the last twenty minutes of Kolaigaran works big time

Director Andrew Louis delivers on both style and content through "Kolaigaran".

The second half of NGK ends up as a solemn affair, uninspiring and manipulative

The only bright spark in "NGK" is the charming Suriya with his flawless performance and screen presence

Gangs of Madras for the most part, keeps you on your toes, curious to see where its twists and turns will lead.

"Gangs of Madras" keeps you on your toes, curious to see where its twists and turns will lead.

Watch 'Airaa' for Nayanthara's towering performance as Bhavani, as she quietly seals a place in your heart

In "Airaa", Nayanthara hits all the right notes. One of her roles turns out to be the biggest surprise and the highlight of the film.

Aghavan is too long and needs some urgent trimming. Can be watched for the last thirty minutes.

The basic premise of "Aghavan" is quite interesting and the director manages to maintain the suspense. We get to know all the twists only in the last thirty minutes.

Nedunalvaadai is a touching rural emotional drama which captures the real characters and their lives

"Nedunalvaadai" belongs to Ram and Anjali Nair, two amazing performers! A rural, emotional drama that could have done away with some problematic dialogues.

The plot and a relevant message woven into the screenplay of Boomerang is laudable

"Boomerang" lacks an original script and is inspired from various films. A well intended film that looks superficial.

Sathru is a functional cop thriller which has its moments, watchable for the racy presentation

"Sathru" belongs to the antagonist Lagubaran who is menacing with his looks, dialogue delivery and body language. Kathir is just average as a powerful cop.