Rock star

Rock star

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 05 December 2015

Movie Title

Rock star


V K Prakash

Star Cast

Siddharth Menon, Eva Pavithran

With bold statements about sex, booze and freedom, director V K Prakash’s Rock star pretends to be cool and modern. Well, it falls flat in the process, with the film suffering from an amateurish script, silly lines, pathetic performances and irritating music.

Thaikkudam Bridge singer Siddharth Menon makes his debut as a hero playing Ananth Abraham, a successful singer. He is single and enjoys mingling with his eager fans, who are smitten by his charm. Let you be warned that he’s not ready for commitment.

The heroine makes her entry soon after. She is Athira Menon (Eva Pavithran), who is a fiercely independent woman, a fashion stylist by profession. 

As it happens in films of these kind, the hero and the heroine becomes attracted after a fight and ends up in the bed. And she becomes pregnant. 

Now the drama begins. She hates him, or actually does she? He is willing to marry her, just to add the kid his surname! His “cool” vallyammachi, ‘rubber’ parents and her parents, who have been separated for 28 years, come together to get them hitched.

No, please don’t even mention Salaam Namaste or Knocked Up. This one tests your patience with sheer absurdity! 

There is absolutely no problem about a film, if it is a sex comedy. But the problem here is that this one is barely entertaining. 

The jokes are plainly vulgar, trite and sexist. It’s all hip out there, but when it comes to mocking a gay man, they go back to old-school norms. 

The hero prefers women who look like “beef ulathiyathu” to “netholi types”. And a gynecologist mentions that these are times when kids have contraceptive pills more than chocolates! Really?

And if you are still interested, the story moves along in highly conventional ways and ends with no surprises whatsoever. 

There is a competition here between the various departments on who is doing the worst job. The top three in the list will easily be decided between writing, acting and music. 

Siddharth Menon looks good but has no acting bones for sure. If he is to be appreciated it is for making fun of the songs that his band has killed in the name of remix.

Eva Pavithran scores well, mainly in the midst of all the hamming happening around her. 

Musician M Jayachandran and singer Krishnachandran make fools of themselves in roles that don’t suit them. But even then it is perhaps not as bad as Praseeda’s awful mimicry of Biju Menon’s classic ‘Palakkadan accent’ in ‘Ordinary’

Rock star is an act of arrogance. It’s a surprise that one of the most well-known ad filmmakers of these times has come out with such a disappointing film. If you still want to go, never say we didn’t warn you!!

Verdict: Avoid

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