Rockline Venkatesh is all praise for director Bala and 'Nachiyaar'!

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Last Updated: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018, 16:01:27hrs
Rockline Venkatesh is all praise for director Bala and 'Nachiyaar'!
Director Bala is known for his uncanny choice of antagonists, as he had roped in a little-known stuntman Rajendran as the villain in ‘Naan Kadavul and today, he is the busiest comedian in Tamil cinema. 

Producers RK Suresh (Thaarai Thappatai) and RK (Avan Ivan) also received raving reviews for their villain roles in Bala films. Now, it’s Lingaa producer Rockline Venkatesh who plays the baddie in Bala’s Friday release ‘Naachiyaar’.

“Bala sir molded me into a different person. Like how a sculptor makes his statue, Bala sir was particular in each and every expression of his actors. As I’ve produced 47 films in various languages, aware of the noisy shooting spot ambiance but Bala sir’s sets will have pin drop silence. Everyone in the team is dedicated and maintains the discipline throughout the shoot”, explains Rockline Venkatesh on his experience with Bala.

“When Rajinikanth sir saw me in the cop look, he was surprised and asked me ‘Ithu original hair ah…wig ah’ and raved about Bala’s previous works”, says the producer, who adds that Superstar is excited to watch Naachiyaar and as an actor, he is waiting for Rajinikanth’s comments.

“Bala took care of me well. He asked my favorite food items, told him that I’m a big fan of Kali(Ragi muddle) and non-vegetarian dishes. Bala asked his mom to prepare Kali for me because he wasn’t sure whether the production house guys would get the authentic flavor. I was spell-bound with Bala’s hospitality”, adds Rockline Venkatesh.

“Sometimes Bala would go to any extreme to get the perfection. I still remember in a scene where Jyothika and I got a dialogue oriented scene sitting in a police jeep. Bala covered himself behind the seat and explained to us what we should do in the scene. He is not a director who dictate his actors in mic, he would travel with them and extract the best out of them”, he says.

Talking about Jyothika, Venkatesh says “These days, if a film turns out into a hit, we can witness the change in the attitude of actors but Jyothika is an exception. I produced a film called Nagarahavu with Jyothika before 15 years and she still remains the same. She helped me in scenes where I struggled and encourage to deliver my best”. “Jyothika’s role will an eye opener for many actresses in South Film Industry, her character and performance is something very special”, he says.

Venkatesh always wanted to become an actor, he learned to fight and dance even before he starts producing films. “But for some reasons, I never had acting lessons and personally believe that I have got the ability to grasp anyone’s performance and replicate it. In  Naachiyaar, I simply followed what Bala enacted and asked me to perform”, says Venkatesh who will be seen as a cop in the film.

Naachiyaar is not the first time in which Venkatesh plays a cop, he sported Khaki in films like Agni IPS and Killing Veerappan. “Naachiyaar will be completely different from my earlier cop roles, the treatment and storyline are unique”, says the Lingaa producer.

Venkatesh's last film in Tamil is Lingaa, he is planning to remake 2016 hit Kannada film ‘Rama Rama Re’ in Tamil. “Rama Rama Re is about a hangman. I’m planning to remake the film in Hindi. Producers like Gananvel Raja and Lingusamy approached me to get the Sairat remake rights but I feel the climax will not be embraced by Tamil audiences so planning to tweak it”, signs off Venkatesh.

- Rajasekar S