Rocky review: A violent action revenge drama!


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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Friday 24 December 2021

Movie Title

Rocky review: A violent action revenge drama!


Arun Matheshwaran

Star Cast

Vasanth Ravi, Bharathiraja

 Arun Matheshwaran’s Rocky is a violent action drama that demands some time to get into the world of the filmmaker. His shot divisions, editing style, visual portrayal, screenplay, and use of music and sound are different from the usual filmmaking grammar in Tamil cinema but the core plot and the revenge angle is not something new.

Rocky (Vasanth Ravi) gets released from prison after seventeen years, he faced a life sentence for the brutal murder of the son of the local mafia head Manimaran (Bharathiraja). As Manimaran lost everything in his life after the death of his only son, he waits patiently for the release of Rocky and kills everyone in his family except his niece. Can Rocky save his niece from the menacing Manimaran and his equally deadly henchmen?

The first thirty to forty minutes of the film will be difficult for someone who expects a straightforward revenge film. Arun seems to be overindulgent here by capturing the walking shots of Rocky and then, his sister Amudha! Not sure about the importance of these shots or is there an underlying meaning for this. Any decoders? But once the premise is set, there is no looking back.

Only towards the end of the film, Arun connects the non-linear narration and all the introduction to the subplots, it’s his filmmaking style! The action sequences are a feast for those who love violence but not for the weak-hearted. As they say, violence is poetic for those who have the appetite but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

Vasanth Ravi has given his heart and soul to the film and he is in top form. He has convincingly portrayed his character and has lived the role of a guy who is extremely violent and incredibly compassionate. This film is sure to take him to the next level of a saleable action hero in Tamil. Veteran Bharathiraja is subtle, menacing, and deadly in the film. The henchmen assistants of Bharathiraja are superb finds, especially the one who played Dhanraj!

On the downside, the film has logical loopholes. Where are the cops? Why is the milieu deserted and looks like no man’s land? We understand it’s the director’s world but it shouldn’t be alien to the real world!

Overall, Rocky is a one of its kind attempt by director Arun Matheshwaran. Watch it for the superb action stretches, unique making, excellent cinematography, and top-notch sound design.

Verdict: A unique revenge saga

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