Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 July 2014

Movie Title



Sahana HS

Star Cast

Ajay Rao, Shravya, Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash

'Rose' is a symbol of Love. What lie beneath the beautiful flower is thorns. How 'Rose' remains to attract people despite having numerous thorns underneath is the attraction and this is also the story line of 'Rose'! The movie had already created a huge buzz among people. The kiss between Ajay Rao and Shravya was also much spoken about, while it had made huge noise with respect to remake rights. But does it stand to the audiences expectation is the question!

As the title suggests, movie is a love story between a boy and a girl- Ajay Rao and Shravya. It does not have any ?running around the tress? or ?love me or I shall die? scenes as the duo are already in love and are all set to get married.

After few scenes and songs, the lovers are ready to approach their parents to get married and here is the twist in tale! Soft-spoken Ajay Rao is convicted in a murder plot of a gym trainer (Tilak). His family and love life collapses. Will Ajay be able to come out of it? Is he the real convict? Will his love of life accept him after he is convicted in a murder forms the second half of the story.

Story line is extremely simple and predictable. The movie does not offer anything new! Dialogue delivery too is about average and there aren?t really any dialogues that deserve any recognition! The second half becomes quite interesting with the arrest of the protagonist, which after a certain point becomes predictable!

However, Ajay Rao and Shravya have done a commendable job. They look cute as a couple and looks like they have comfortably shared the kissing on screen!

Apart from them Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash, Raju Thalikote, Sudha Belwadi, Pavithra Lokesh have done a good job. Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash are the essence in the film. The duo has managed to keep the audience filled with laughter with the dialogues between them which are absolutely entertaining.

The music has already been a hit among the masses. Music Director M Sanjeev has proved his talent. Narration by Sahana Murthy has failed pathetically which is one of the reasons why the movie falls flat.

There isn?t much to talk about V Krishna?s direction too! He should have put more efforts with respect to the screenplay and narration style. 'Rose' is just an average movie and cannot at all be labelled as ?must watch?.

Verdict: Average

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