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Friday 12 August 2011

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Jiiva, Shriya, Ganesh Acharya, Jayapraksh

Jiiva's Rowthiram had it all, but somehow director Gokul?s story and direction fails to impress. The first 10 minutes of the film is terrific, but peters out, as the film starts dragging.

Jiiva tries his best to keep it going, but the script totally lets him down. The story itself is a rehash of various earlier films and the ending is abrupt and not convincing.

The film opens 20 years back from present time. A young Shiva (Jiiva), is brought up by his grandfather (Prakash Raj) in a remote village. Grand paa teaches him Kalari at an young age and tells him wherever he sees injustice he should fight against it!

Cut to present day Triplicane in Chennai. Happy family life of Shiva who is waiting to get a government job consists of an honest principled father (Jayaprakash), loving mother (Lakshmi), a funny brother (Srinath) and a sister who is all set to get married to an IT professional (Sathyan).

Priya (Shriya) a student is the daughter of ACP (Babu Antony) falls head over heels with Shiva after he teaches the college bully who is a gangster a lesson!

Meanwhile some goons led by a burly guy (Ganesh Acharya) fall foul of Shiva, who wants to clean up the city of the scums of the earth. Soon another bad guy Gowri is baying for Shiva?s blood though his family especially his father does not like his attitude towards life.

Every scene is predictable and the way song sequences are forced into the narration has the audiences squirming in their seats. Jiiva is good as the silent angry young man, who wants to clean up the city of rowdies.

Shriya is the pivot around which the film revolves and is a sheer joy to watch. Prakash Raj is simply terrific in a cameo appearance.

Can?t understand why Ganesh Acharya took up such a silly small time villain role? The supporting cast of Jayaprakash, Lakshmi , Sathyan go through the motions.

Prakash Nikki?s music is nothing much to rave about except for the number Maalai Mangum Neram.. picturised on Jiiva and Shriya. The film has high-testosterone action scenes superbly choreographed by Anal Arasu.

With the emphasis being on the loud and melodramatic, Rowthiram suffers due to lack of originality and a proper script. The climax is not convincing for a film which is basically mass masala. At 2 hours 45 mints, it drags big time.

Verdict- Tedious

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