Rudra Thandavam review: Watchable

Rudra Thandavam is watchable

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 October 2021

Movie Title

Rudra Thandavam review: Watchable


Mohan G

Star Cast

Richard Rishi, Gautham Menon, Thambi Ramaiah, Radha Ravi

Director Mohan G's Rudra Thandavam starts as a mainstream crime thriller with an upright cop Rudra Prabhakaran (Richard Rishi), who nabs the drug mafia in North Chennai. The sequences depicting the operation of the drug mafia underworld are detailed. It's shocking to know that youngsters in Tamil Nadu consume cheap drugs and turn addicts. 

Mohan has also captured how the drug mafia uses religion and the caste angle to divert the case. Another interesting angle is the Crypto Christians! The director is strong in his subject but he needs craft finesse. Comparing to his previous film Draupathi, Mohan has come a long way, the visuals look good, he has some solid actors like Radha Ravi, Thambi Ramaiah, and Gautham Menon but the writing needs to be polished and the treatment should be updated to the current trend.

Mohan has also extracted a better performance from Richard who still has a long way to go. As pointed out earlier, Rudra Thandavam would've been better as a mainstream crime thriller but after the first half, the film becomes a long courtroom drama although the facts handled are new and untold in most of our movies.

Darsha Gupta is okayish while Gautham looks odd as a politician but his presence keeps us engaging. Veterans Radha Ravi and Thambi Ramaiah prove their mettle once again. 

Technically, Farook J Basha has done good work while music by Jubin is functional. on the downside, the film is too long and needs trimming of at least 20 minutes.  Overall, Rudra Thandavam is a watchable flick. 

Verdict: Watchable



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