Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 04 August 2015

Movie Title



Shibu Gangadharan

Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Nedumudi Venu, Nikki Galrani

Now, are you supposed to take director Shibu Gangadharan’s Rudrasimhasanam seriously? This agonizing drama that goes on for almost three hours, is at best, unintentionally funny.

In our films, just like Pollachi is for quirky “kounders” whose daughter will fall in love with the hero, Varikkasseri Mana has traditionally been for feudal lords who are in to an entity of their own. There is no law and whatever that will be shown on screen is to be believed by the hapless viewers!

The story happens in Manavathoor Kovilakam, where Hymavathy Thampuratty aka Mrinalini (Nikki Galrani) is the only successor to a rich legacy. She is controlled by the wily karyasthan Shivathanu (Nedumudi Venu), his son Harikrishnan (Nishanth Sagar) and a lawyer named Mukkodan (Sunil Sugatha). 

At a crucial juncture, the hero makes his entry. The man in question, a desi-Superman named Rudrasimhan (Suresh Gopi) is a know all who can predict anything and is surprisingly powerful. And of course, nobody knows about his whereabouts. 

Then there are two women who are there just to add to the glamour quotient – the sex starved Mohini (Kaniha) and the seductress Umayamma (Swetha Menon). Also include a black magician named Kunnathoor Bhairavan (Sudheer Karamana) and a mysterious man named Abdulla (Kalabhavan Shajon) to the main cast.

You will need real patience to sit through this boring misadventure, which is regressive and totally out of place. 

Shibu Gangadharan, who directed the eminently forgettable Praise the Lord, surprises all by wasting so much money and efforts on this absurd saga. What was scenarist Sunil Parameswaran (who has earlier written the Santosh Sivan thriller Ananthabhadram) thinking when he came up with such a story, at this age?

Nedumudi Venu repeats his signature style and Suresh Gopi seems to be thoroughly disinterested in a role, where he is seen for some moments once in forty-five minutes or so. Nikki Galrani seems to have no clues about what is going on and rest of the cast have faithfully enacted what they have been told to do.

It’s difficult to say anything else other than that Rudrasimhasanam is a total waste of time. Watch this one at your own risk please.

Verdict: Avoidable

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