Rum review - Low in chills & thrills!

Just like any other horror film, RUM opens with two strangers getting into an eerie bungalow, experiencing paranormal activities.


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 February 2017

Movie Title

Rum review - Low in chills & thrills!


Sai Bharath

Star Cast

Hrishikesh, Vivek, Sanchita, Narain

Just like any other horror film, RUM opens with two strangers getting into an eerie bungalow, experiencing paranormal activities and are killed.

Cut to the present, the director narrates us the back story of five technically equipped thieves - Shiva (Hrishikesh), Riya(Sanchita), Raj(Vivek), Nepali (Amzath) and Kural (Arjun), who loot money by smart ways for their livelihood. Unfortunately, a cunning cop Thomas (Naren) gets enough evidence and blackmails them to work under him.

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As per the instructions of Thomas, Shiva and gang sketch and plan and loot 25cr worth precious stones but they decide to dump him and go their way . Meanwhile Nepali suggests that they spend the night in an abandoned bungalow but they are not aware that the place is haunted by powerful spirits seeking revenge. What happens next? Watch the film on the big screen to know more.

Major problem with Rum is that technically the film is amateurish and delivers very little in terms of novelty. Even the flashback portion for the revenge here is a clichéd gory murder episode and we don't see anything unique in the script. To be honest, Rum has more laugh-out-loud moments than jump-in-your-seat jolts. It is just dull, lazy film making from debutant director Sai Bharath.

RUM's biggest strength is Anirudh's music, that the composer proves that his score can lift even ordinary sequences. After Anirudh, it is Vivek who is back in form and he provides laughter.  Hrishikesh is promising and as Shiva he is convincing and has the screen presence, but deserves a better script next time. Narain is ok while Sanchita Shetty provides the glamour quotient.

Overall, RUM is an average horror comedy.

Rum review- Verdict: Low in Chills & thrills!

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