Run Raja Run Review: A fun caper!

Run Raja Run Review: A fun caper!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 August 2014

Movie Title

Run Raja Run Review: A fun caper!



Star Cast

Sharwanand, Seerath Kapoor, Sampath, Adivi Sesh, Kota

A city is plagued with a series of kidnappings. A special officer, Dileep Kumar (Sampath), is appointed to solve the case. Raja (Sharwanand) is an individual who breaks up with girls so that he finds his right match.

One day Raja meets Priya (Seerath Kapoor), who is Sampath?s daughter. He falls in love with her. Sampath assigns Raja the task of finding the kidnapper; if Raja succeeds he gets Priya. But amidst all this there is a twist which throws things out of gear.

Run Raja Run is a fun film and is tailor made for Sharwanand. His characterization in this film is superb. Not only does he perform well but also looks chic in the film.

The film?s story is also a big plus. The twists and the turns are presented well. It will for sure impress the audience. The story is depicted in a cool manner. The first half of the story goes at a slow pace. There are unnecessary songs and scenes in the first half.

It?s surprise galore in the second half. The film picks up momentum. The climax is worth a watch. It has twists and turns, but the film kind of loses momentum once the twist is revealed.

Performance wise, Sharwanand has used the opportunity well. He is thoroughly believable in his role. His leading lady Seerat Kapoor is okay. Adivi Sesh impresses, he is a surprise package in this film.

Technically the film is neat. The locales and way the songs have been picturized is good. Music by Gibran and the background score is also impressive. Director Sujeet?s work is very impressive. The editing could have been better.

Overall Run Raja Run is a fun caper, with a impressive second half. For Sharwanand this film is a perfect comeback. The pluses in this film are the lead hero?s performance and the twists and turns. Run Raja Run promises good entertainment this monsoon.

Verdict: Fun caper

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