RX 100 review: A raw love story marred by violence


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 13 July 2018

Movie Title

RX 100 review: A raw love story marred by violence


Ajay Bhupathi

Star Cast

Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramki

Siva (Kartikeya) is a trusted muscleman working for Vishwanatham (Rao Ramesh). An orphan, Daddy (Ramky) is his guardian.

Vishwanatham's city-educated daughter Indhu (Payal Rajput) woos Siva and it's time for love. Around the same time, Indhu's politically influential father develops differences with Daddy, a righteous man. Apart from class differences, this new rivalry could damage the love affair between the two.

This is when Vishwanatham decides to get his daughter married off to a rich guy. What follows is a tale of longing and depression for Siva. The story is not complete until a twist and a violent ending are delivered when you least expect.

Director Ajay Bhupathi sets the story in the backdrop of a village called Atreyapuram, a village on the banks of Godavari river is famous for its lush green environment and friendly people. Many movies are set in this village. For the first time, Ajay Bhupathi shown the village in contrast, where sand mafia rules the roost and a girl who desires a man, lust not love.

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The tone is set in the first few minutes itself. Siva, who has grown a thick beard and is unkempt because he can't take care of his own body, walks on the streets of the village with a violent streak. He has terrific body with killer abs. And here the director introduces heroine who falls in 'love' with the hero for his abs. Love/lust at first sight of abs!

The heroine is Indhu, a sexy woman, who comes down to her village after finishing her education in Bengaluru. As soon as she likes Siva, a henchman of Daddy, played by yesteryears hero Ramky, she starts teasing him. The rough guy is touched by her softness. Romance follows. Forget kisses, its sex again and again.

The way the director portrays even ordinary moments with raw sensibilities is quite different. Sometimes, the rawness becomes too much to take though. The film is juxtaposed with violence and desire.

The first half of the film has nothing to talk about except the kisses, lovemaking sequences, nothing much happens and the film drags on and on. The real drama begins post-interval and the twist comes in the final portion. The twist here is what makes the film different. The director said the film is made on a real-life character. So, the twist seems skewed but it also offers newness (whether one agrees with the portrayal of the lead actress or not).

The excessive violence puts off the mood at times but one can see the influence of RGV here (the director is his disciple). The film's highlight is the last 40 minutes, the scenes unfold in a jiffy and in an arresting way.

The script needed non-glamorous performances and the actors have delivered just that. Kartikeya's dialogue delivery is somewhat of a problem but he carries himself very well, by and large. The film doesn't hinge just on his performance although the story is more about his travails. Payal Rajput proves to be apt. She comes with the right attitude that suits the character. She has both the glamour required for the role and also has the gumption to portray intimate scenes with ease. Rao Ramesh is a natural. He delivers relatable lines with finesse. Ramky has the seriousness on his face to carry the proceedings forward.

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The background score is neat - it's dark and ominous. Raam's cinematography is a plus, so also KL Praveen's editing.

Director Ajay Bhupathi has shown his mark in certain scenes but his portrayal of heroine is debatable. Should a woman's desire be shown in such a negative way?

RX 100 is envisioned as a raw love story with an interesting twist. The performances, the mood, the narration are engaging, though the movie is too hollow and has many issues. It may strike a chord with its targeted audiences for its highly-promoted "love scenes".

RX 100 review: 2.75 Stars

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