S Ve Shekher: Salary reduction is nothing but a promotional gimmick!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Fri, Jul 10th, 2020, 11:23:28hrs
S Ve Shekher

Recently, a section of Tamil film producers interacted over the Zoom chat application to discuss the situation of the film industry and how to come out of the financial crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Some of the film producers said that they have decided to reduce the remuneration of actors by 50%.

Commenting on this salary reduction news, popular film director, actor, and comedy play writer S Ve Shekher said: "While we don't have any official team representing Tamil Film Producers Council and Nadigar Sangam, a decision made by a section of producers is nothing but a promotional gimmick for the upcoming elections in both the film bodies and it will not be implemented".

It is worth mentioning that producer SR Prabhu also stressed the point that the salary reduction strategy was discussed but they haven't taken a final decision.