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Sunday 7 December 2008

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Sembi, Dhanushya

Saamida set expectations among viewers with its unusual setting in Kashi, rarely seen in Tamil cinema. But though the city does lend the story a different atmosphere, Samedaa is nothing but a gang war story with a love angle thrown in.

The story told in a flashback of the powerful ex don Maaji who is released from prison after 16 years. A writer questions her about her life and why she turned a good leaf leaving the life of crime behind.

The story unfolds when she reveals how she, a child of 12 was bought from poor parents in TN and later sold to a brothel in Mumbai. There she fell in love with a don who was forced to flee to Kashi due to circumstances. There the duo set up a life of crime but her husband was killed by a rival gang, leaving her with no choice but to take up his place.

One day she runs into a young orphan boy, saving him from death by the hands of a policeman and the two become very close. This boy later becomes the hero, Sami (Sembi), her right hand man.

But when love hits Sami and his girl (Dhanushya)is a firm believer in non-violence and asks him to give up crime, he agrees. But fate has other things in mind for him and his chosen path is not an easy one. Does Maaji win or the girlfriend? You have to sit through till the end to find out.

Sameda?s high lights are the setting of Kashi and the camerawork and rich visuals. The narrow by ?lanes of Varanasi and the local life are well captured. However the gang war story is nothing new and too many fights don?t really serve much purpose. Liberal use of Hindi without translation may confuse some viewers.

The film would definitely have been better off without the jarring and over the top background music which never leaves the viewer in peace throughout. You have to actually search for the few silent moments in the film. Even during a conversation the background music drowns the point the film and characters are trying to make. The director could have had a winner if silence was allowed to speak its own language in several scenes.

The songs are nothing to write home about, despite the pleasing visuals and locations. The over the top makeup, jewellery, clothes and black lipstick ( !!) of Maaji could have been toned down a bit while the heroine Dhanushya, who actually looks pretty in several scenes, certainly needed better makeup and costumes.

Sembi in his debut as hero has done a fair job but his dialogues, which are muttered and few in number are drowned by the shrill background music and ranting of the heroine.

Why is there such a communication gap between the hero and his girlfriend which leads to tragedy? If Maaji loves Sami so much as a mother figure, why is she so out of touch with his feelings for the girl? Where is Sami at the end of the film? These are questions that are left unexplained. Apart from some decent visuals, the film has nothing really new by way of story or screenplay.

Verdict: Forget it!

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