Saamy is a typical masala concoction serving all the nine rasas

Saamy is a typical masala concoction serving all the nine rasas

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 03 May 2003

Movie Title

Saamy is a typical masala concoction serving all the nine rasas



Star Cast

Vikram, Trisha

Finally Vikram too has succumbed to the superstar image trap with Saamy, which is a typical masala concoction serving all the nine rasas. You can call it a sort of a sequel to Dhool. Though not so racy or fast moving but is sufficiently entertaining. Obviously designed to showcase Vikram`s new-found action image, it seems to be working to a certain extent.

Vikram plays Arusaamy, the tough as nail Deputy Police Commissoner of Tirunelveli. His mission statement, to clean up the city of the scum of the earth. Seeing his macho looks and brave heart, Bhuvana [Trisha] a brahmin girl falls for him. While romancing this college girl Arusaamy is initially shown accepting bribes from the Godfather who controls all the illegal activities in town Annachi [Telugu actor Kota Srinivasa Rao]. Later in a flashback it is told that our Hero is the son of a honest to goodness farmer from Palani, but was framed up in a false case by his enemies. Since then he has been taking bribes , but accounting and remitting the money to the government or helping the poor.

Soon Arusaamy rubs Annachi the wrong way, as he systamatically targets his illegal activities and the Don is on the run. The cop`s father dies in a bomb blast and he goes all out to get Annachi who is protected by some corrupt politicians and officials. This leads to a bloody climax, and Saamy finally manages to roast his arch foe in a brick kiln.

The patchy storyline merely serves as a pretext to spark off several skirmishes and bombastic dialouges. Ultimately it is Vikram who dominates this action movie. In fact he is the mainstay of the picture. Trisha is appealingly sensual and looks glamarous as the brahmin girl Bhuvana and brings out the nuance of her character well. Vivek`s brahmin baiting comedy track is increasingly getting steriotyped. Kota as the villain is effective. Harris Jayaraj`s music looks like left overs of his earlier tunes. Director Hari packs in a sting, but Saamy is strictly for the no holds barred action addicts.


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