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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Movie Title



Gopalan Manoj

Star Cast

Sunny Wayne, Sreenivasan

Debutant director Gopalan Manoj’s Saaradhi is basically about the journey of an ambulance driver, with a dead body inside his van. The attempt is to present things in a serious way but what this thriller manages is to bore you to death.

Christie (Sunny Wayne) is an ambulance driver, who is assigned to take a dead body to a distant town. A few relatives of the dead person gets into the van and some flashback scenes are shown in between, besides the close ups of Christie’s love interest and for all of you who are looking for even more there is a ‘kuthu paattu’ as well, to kill time!

But even during the desperate efforts to add all the masala and scenes inspired from other successful movies, scriptwriter Rajesh K Raman and director Gopalan Manoj fails to add some logic to the narrative. As a result, this absurd drama goes on for 140 minutes or so, pretending as if it is something genuine.

With a ridiculous story line, which is puerile to the core, this one turns out to be a horrible misadventure from the word go. The visuals by Noushad Shereef are nothing much to rave about and music by Gopi Sundar is plain irritating.

Sunny Wayne, who has shown promise in a few films, sleepwalks through his role with a wooden face. Sreenivasan, who plays a cop, has a badly written role. Vinuda Lal is mainly there for her close ups and some sensuous looks.

If one uses the brain while watching it, Saaradhi could turn out to be an unintentionally comical film, which is being presented with some kind of seriousness that we may never understand. In the end, you realize that the guy who sells popcorn at the cinemas can perhaps narrate you better stories than this one!

Verdict: Damp Squib

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