Sabki Bajegi Band

Sabki Bajegi Band

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 01 May 2015

Movie Title

Sabki Bajegi Band


Anirudh Chawla

Star Cast

Sumeet Vyas,Swara Bhaskar,Alekh Sangal

Now how does one begin? It's a tough film to describe, because it masquerades as aforward-thinking film, but under the layers, is worse than the most low-brow film.

The director, RJ Anirudh Chawla, claims this is a recreation of actual events at hisfarmhouse party with Bollywood celebs. He even sent out an open (naturally) apologyletter to his Bollywood "friends", even there have been no protests. He seems to beflattering himself, and also overstepping the line, to promote this film.

The film trails a group of young people. One of them, an aspiring filmmaker decides torecord his best friends confessing their innermost thoughts on camera, and plans torelease this as a full-fledged film. So he trains the camera at them, and what do wehave here?

They fight, they bicker, they abuse, they get physically violent, they confess and so on.And no, it's not as exciting as it sounds.

For one, their characterizations could be summed up in a line - the Casanova who haserectile dysfunction, the pregnant wife who keeps forgiving her cheating husband, thegirl who has a fling with a man old enough to be her dad, the engaged guy whoconfesses he's gay and so on...

Save for Swara Bhaskar who appears like an oasis, the rest of the cast is a merrymelange of non-actors who make your teeth grate. The dialogue, which has at least oneof the three words in each sentence - fuck, bitch, baby - is boring, insipid andinconsistent.

The film tries (very, very) hard to be cool. From the handheld camera, to showing thestory in an episodic manner, to the casual use of abuses – all this is supposed tocontribute towards it being 'cool'. The result is anything but. Here's why...

The film thinks it's fun to make fun of someone's erectile dysfunction in the worst waypossible. As if that is the singular most important thing that defines a man's"mardaangi". This gag is stretched throughout the film.

The film rationalizes infidelity by saying that a man is bound to go out and eat 'butterchicken' at some point. For how long will the poor sod have 'baingan'?

The film has the tawdriest 'coming out of the closet' moment ever. This gay man wasengaged and about to be married. And then a friend casually says, she always knew it,but was waiting for him to confess!!

The film shows a married man's infidelity as something funny; something the wife keepsnagging him over.

It shows an open relationship, but immediately "makes fun" of the open relationship byshowing the superficially lovey-dovey couple abusing each other. The boyfriend evenpushes the girl while abusing her with a 'You bitch...' type dialogue.

The film describes monogamous relationships as a single-screen theatre, and open-relationships as a multiplex with five-screens. The film also mentions a mutually open-relationship and wife-swapping in the same breath, when the two are completelydifferent.

It shows a young woman who has an affair with an older married man, but wants no oneto judge her. Which is fine, but the film has all her male friends verbally abuse her. Oneof them, who also insults her, suddenly proposes to her and she giggles and accepts.

And last, but not the least, the film suggests you can tell if a man is gay by how much headores his mother.

Unbelievable, but true. Like the rest of this mayhem of a film.

Rating: 0.5 stars

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