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Sunday 24 October 2010

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Suresh Gopi, Navya Nair, Jagathy, Ambika, Thilakan, P.Sree Kumar

Why should every psychiatrist in Malayalam films, as a custom, be ridiculously eccentric and copy Mohanlal?s classic act from Manichithrathazhu? Well, ask Harikumar, the director of Sadgamaya, who adds another to the list in the form of Ravi Varman (Suresh Gopi). With a trite storyline that lacks any relevance, this film is eminently disappointing, to say the least.

Yamuna (Navya Nair) is getting ready for her marriage and her parents, played by P Sreekumar and Ambika, are busy preparing for the big day. Just then Yamuna receives a letter from the man-Friday of a psychiatrist Ravi Varman asking her to meet him.

She was his patient after a ?schizophrenic disorder? that she had, nearly three years before. After some shock-treatments she was then taken to Ravi Varman, who even according to his wife Jyothy (Swetha Menon), behaved more like a mentally challenged person than most of his patients!

Sadly for her, though he could find answers to most issues connecting to mind he never understood his wife?s needs. He treated only one patient at a time in an alien hill station bungalow and that too, occasionally.

Yamuna?s mental issues were confusing for even the best doctors and after some weeks of treatment, Ravi Varman finds the root cause. What follows next are some ridiculously na?ve melodrama and sometime later, even though she has recovered, even her parents disown Yamuna.

Poorly written and amateurishly executed, Sadgamaya is a rather ordinary attempt, at best. The storyline looks thoroughly outdated and makes no impact whatsoever. The visuals by Sunny Joseph and M Jayachandran?s music are fine.

Suresh Gopi looks pale and he tries a bit too hard to look good as the psychiatrist. But as in most films where he has no guns to fire at random and heavy duty dialogues to shower at the mighty, he hams it up big time. Navya Nair has nothing much to do other than what she has done before. Swetha Menon?s character lacks clarity and has evidently been included considering her sexy image.

At more than two hours, Sadgamaya is an excruciating experience that you may want to forget as early as you can. There have been quite a few films made on the same genre, which are far more enjoyable than this one. Want to waste time on this (Sad) gamaya ?

Verdict: Disappointing

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